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Nintendo has announced an all-new version of its massively popular Switch console, simply called the OLED model. It’s not the long-rumored Switch Pro, but it is a big step up in terms of current-gen Switch gaming.
If you’re considering picking up the new Switch OLED model, you might be curious about the main differences between it and the original Switch. You’re also likely looking for the best warranty options for your new Switch.
Here’s what you need to know about the Switch OLED model and the best extended warranties to protect it.

What Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

The new Nintendo Switch OLED Model is definitely still a current-gen Switch. It plays all the same games as all the other Switches out there, and it doesn’t boast massively upgraded internals. Still, it is a huge upgrade in many ways (even if it’s not perfect and still feels a bit plasticky).
The biggest difference is the screen, which is larger, at 7 inches (compared to just over 6 for the original Switch). And, of course, it’s an OLED screen, not the LCD screen in the original and Lite models.
OLED screens simply outperform LCD screens. The colors are brighter and more vivid, and the blacks are deeper. OLED technology can produce “true black” (where no light at all is emitted from completely black pixels).
The screen alone is a large improvement, but there are other enhancements as well:
  • Improved kickstand works at multiple angles (and actually works well, unlike the original)
  • LAN port for wired online gaming when in dock mode
  • Internal storage doubled to 64 GB
  • Better speakers and relocated vents make the handheld mode more fun to use
If you’re buying a new Switch anyway, the OLED model is unquestionably the way to go. It’s just a better Switch. However, if you already own a current Switch and don’t use handheld mode much, upgrading to the OLED model might not make much sense.
If you’re planning to upgrade, you want to make sure your OLED model Switch is protected with quality extended warranty coverage. Here’s what you need to know about device protection.

Does Nintendo Offer a Nintendo Switch OLED Warranty?

Yes. Nintendo offers a basic limited hardware warranty for its Switch consoles. It lasts for only 12 months from the date of purchase and covers only “defects in material and workmanship.” Accessories get just three months of warranty coverage.
It’s a pretty standard basic warranty, which means it’s short and very limited.

Does Nintendo Offer an Extended Warranty Plan?

Some manufacturers offer extended warranty plans, like AppleCare+. Many careful consumers look for these plans first because of the assumption that first-party service is always better. That’s an argument for another day, but it’s not relevant here because Nintendo does not offer an extended warranty plan.
If you want an extended warranty for your Switch, you’ll need to choose among third-party extended warranty sellers.

Leading Extended Warranties for Nintendo Switch

One popular way to get an extended warranty protection plan for a new console is to purchase that plan through the retailer where you buy your console. Best Buy, GameStop, and Target all offer in-store plans, as do Wal-Mart and Amazon.
However, customers should avoid in-store warranties. In-store warranties are often overpriced, banking on the fact that many customers will just buy them at the register without doing any comparison shopping.
Extended warranties from retailers also tend to vary in terms of quality and customer service. If you need to make a claim, these companies sometimes make it very challenging to do so successfully. Also, many retailer-based plans only cover manufacturing defects, not screen cracks, drops, or spills. (Best Buy’s plan does cover these but at a premium price.)
SquareTrade is another leading extended warranty provider that isn’t tied to an individual retailer. But here as well, costs can be pretty hefty.

The Best Nintendo Switch OLED Warranty

Upsie is the best overall balance of coverage and price, offering coverage for both defects and accidental damage, including drops, spills, and cracked screens. Upsie’s prices are also up to 70 percent lower than all major competitors, and the claims process is easy and straightforward.
Customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. In addition, customers can choose between local repair shops and shipped repairs. Either way, Upsie ensures that customer’s devices are fixed as promptly and efficiently as possible.
Ready to get the best protection at the best price? Get your Upsie Extended Switch Warranty now!

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