The Top 3 Benefits of Investing in a Sound Machine

You might have heard of sound machines—sometimes known as white noise machines or sound-masking devices—over the years, but you might not have had a use for one until now. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re in for a treat, especially if you want to find a way to get a better night’s sleep or tune out some of the ambient sounds around you or rest your mind with preferred sounds.
You might use one to drown out sounds while trying to sleep. Others use white noise machines to bring noise into an area with deep silence, such as remote country homes. Wired notes that a sound machine is an excellent investment, especially in the work-from-home (WFH) times we live and work in.

Some Background Notes on Sound Machines

If you think about it, people have sought white noise to sleep better for decades. Perhaps much longer. Consider a relative who couldn’t sleep without the sound of a fan blowing in the dead of winter, for instance. Or maybe you sleep better with the sound of rain gently tapping your home’s rain gutters. Babies drift off to the sound of sweetly sung lullabies or the hum of a car’s engine.
Whether you want to drown out other sounds, or you can’t stand the sound of absolute silence when trying to sleep or work, sound-machine devices have become an electronic hero for the 21st century. Over the past three-to-four decades, various manufacturers have produced machines specifically designed to deliver your desired sounds, whether low-key music, ambient nature sounds, animal noises, or various static-based noises, such as white, pink, and brown noise.
People invest in these machines for personal use at home, the office, or while away from home in an unfamiliar setting, sometimes using their favorite noise-canceling headphones for a more intense and enclosed delivery.
Here are some other typical uses of sound machines.

Ease Patients’ Experience in Hospitals

According to a small 2005 study in the journal of Sleep Medicine, researchers in the field recorded sounds from a hospital, with and without ambient background sounds. They went on to expose sleepers to both recordings.
They found that sleepers exposed to the white noise versus those with pure and unfiltered hospital sound experienced little-to-no brainwave disruption. In addition, they barely registered the hospital hustle and bustle in the background. On the other hand, the sleepers exposed to pure hospital sounds experienced frequent sleep arousals.

Protect Confidential Conversations

There are times when people need optimal privacy for conversations, such as those in political positions, so they use sound machines as “audio jammers” to prevent eavesdropping.

The Top 3 Benefits of a Sound Machine

Now that you have a better idea of what sound machines are and how they are used in the larger sense, you might wonder what benefits one will offer you.
Here are the top three benefits of a sound machine to make it worth your investment.

1. You Can Get to Sleep Faster

Most people look for sound machines to help them get to sleep faster and stay asleep for long. Again, whether you can’t stand the sound of absolute silence, or you suffer from the opposite issue of noisy neighbors and loud pets, you need something to offset the noise.
A white noise machine is a great solution to creating a selected sound, or series of sounds, to foster a good night’s sleep as quickly as possible. You can either set your machine to play for an hour or two until you drift off or all night long to help keep the external sounds at bay.

2. You Can Stay Asleep Longer and More Peacefully

If you have trouble staying asleep once you’re lucky enough to fall asleep, a sound machine is ideal. Just set it to play as long as you would like to sleep. You don’t have to worry about hearing the neighbors doing lawn work early on Saturday morning, waking you on the one morning a week you can sleep in and get some extra rest.
With this extra rest, you’re likely to find that you experience less stress and anxiety as well. As a bonus to sleeping longer and more peacefully, you might find that you have fewer headaches if that is something you currently experience.

3. You Can Boost Memory and Focus

One of the benefits of a sound machine is that it can improve your memory and focus. Once you start using your sound machine with success in the form of consistently good nights of sleeping, you’ll probably start to notice that you have more energy and can focus better and longer throughout the day.
Even better, you might find you have improved long-term memory, meaning you have better retainment each day. While it’s great for people of all ages, children and older adults find excellent results.

Purchase an Extended Warranty for Better Rest

If you need help finding the best sound machine to help you get a great night’s sleep or a good day’s work, here are some recommendations from Upsie for finding the best sound machine for your home. You’ll find an array of sound quality and price to meet your needs without taking you out of your budgetary comfort zone.
After purchasing a sound machine, protect it with an extended warranty from Upsie. Upsie offers premium warranties for electronics, including sound machines. Their warranties protect electronic devices from damage and cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors.

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