Why You Need a Warranty With a My Best Buy Membership

Best Buy is the go-to destination for all things tech, and for good reason: the electronics retailer has a strong reputation for customer service. Many customers are extremely loyal to the store, to the point that they consistently make thousands of dollars in purchases every year.
Regardless of the amount spent, Best Buy enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to use the My Best Buy program. This is an excellent means of earning points on purchases. Then later, use those points to buy additional items.

My Best Buy: The Basics

Regular Best Buy shoppers enjoy a great opportunity to save money without relying exclusively on sales. At the outset, this program offers half a point in rewards per dollar spent on eligible purchases. Upon accruing 250 points, members qualify for a $5 certificate. Points can also be earned by writing reviews or by purchasing items with the My Best Buy Credit Card. Additionally, members receive access to exclusive discounts that may not be available to other shoppers.

Choosing the Right Membership Level

The My Best Buy program involves multiple membership levels. Eligibility primarily depends on purchasing levels for given calendar years, although all shoppers are allowed to join at the base My Best Buy level. Other options include:
  • My Best Buy Elite: After making $1,500 in eligible purchases during a calendar year, shoppers are allowed to join this upgraded membership level, which confers several extra benefits. These include extra time to make returns or exchanges, plus free shipping on all purchases and rewards of one point per dollar spent.
  • My Best Buy Elite Plus: Available to those who purchase $3,500 worth of products in a calendar year, this top-tier program ups the ante with free two-day shipping and same-day deliveries. The return and exchange period under Elite Plus extends to a full 45 days. Additionally, this program promises 2.5 percent back in rewards — or 6 percent when using the My Best Buy Credit Card.

Why My Best Buy Is No Replacement for an Extended Warranty

My Best Buy can deliver impressive savings. However, this doesn’t mean that skipping out on an extended warranty is a good idea. After all, rewards programs and warranties are entirely different matters. While are great, warranty coverage is arguably even more important.
Yes, My Best Buy offers perks such as free shipping and member-only deals. But what happens after a particular product has been purchased? No amount of points will reverse the devastation of breaking a device and needing to pay for repairs or purchases out of pocket. An extended warranty ensures that tech will be quickly and affordably fixed or replaced when necessary.

Upsie Extended Warranties: The Perfect Complement to Best Buy Purchases

While warranties can be purchased directly at retailers such as Best Buy, a more cost-effective approach is available: investing in an extended warranty from Upsie. This removes the middle man from the picture, leading to considerable savings. Upsie is also a highly transparent option. They tell you exactly what is covered and how much it costs.
Regardless of which items are purchased at Best Buy, you need the extensive coverage that only an Upsie warranty can provide. Equipped with an Upsie extended warranty, it’s easier to feel confident when using a variety of Best Buy products. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to protect cell phones, computers, appliances, and more.

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