Fun Cameras for Photos With Friends or Family

Almost everybody carries a smartphone with a camera these days. That means most people will only invest in a digital camera if it brings something extra to the table. Serious photographers buy expensive cameras that offer features a phone camera can’t match. If you mostly want to take photos with family and friends, you might shy away from complex, advanced cameras. However, the right digital camera can add an element of fun to family time.

Fun Cameras to Share With Friends and Family

Take a look at these fun cameras for the entire family.

Instax Mini 11 From FujiFilm

Older folks might remember taking the film in to get it processed, waiting weeks to see which pictures developed, and then which ones are keepers. In those days, instant cameras printed out photos on the spot, so they offered some instant gratification and a bit of novelty. Those old instant cameras never took the best photos, though.
TechRadar suggested the Instax Mini 11 from FujiFilm for any photographers who want to enjoy those benefits today. After all, getting a hard copy from a digital camera still usually means returning home to the printer. This camera’s simple enough for children to use, also fun for adults, and only costs $59.95.
The compact design’s also much easier to carry around than those old-fashioned, bulky instant cameras some folks might remember. A smartphone camera might produce better pictures, but it won’t print them on the spot.

The GoPro Hero Black Series

Business Insider highlighted the GoPro Hero Black as one of the best family cameras on the market. It costs considerably more than an Instax Mini but offers good value because of its durability and capabilities.
For instance, the camera can record surprisingly smooth, sharp videos and is quite durable. Even better, GoPro made this camera simple enough for kids to use. The available mounts mean that family members can strap the cameras to their helmets, bicycles, or their dogs. The entire family can think of dozens of creative, fun ways to use this innovative camera.
Shop around to find the latest GoPro Hero Black for less than $500. Also, plenty of people still use earlier versions of this rugged camera, so a refurbished camera can offer affordability and plenty of family-friendly photographic fun! Think of it as an investment in creativity and a wonderful way to preserve memories.
For more information, read this guide to the GoPro Hero 10 Black.

Pair a Family-Friendly Camera With an Extended Warranty

Both FujiFilm and GoPro have earned good reputations for manufacturing durable cameras. At the same time, people take these cameras along on family adventures and are bound to expose them to weather, bumps, and other hazards. Meanwhile, the limited warranties that come with cameras only help pay to repair problems that stem from defects during normal use.
Upsie offers extended warranties for new and refurbished cameras. The two- and three-year protection plans have only a $25 deductible. Further, upsie plans cover:
  • Power failure
  • Defects
  • Accidental damage
Upsie offers 24-7 live claims representatives by phone. If you camera needs a repair, Upsie will pay two-day postage for mail-in repairs, or customers can choose to take their camera to a certified local repair shop.
The best part: Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than the competition but never skimps on coverage or service. They offer protection plans for most camera brands and many other types of electronics, too. Enjoy family fun without worrying about one accidental drop or spill ruining the camera.

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