3 Top Elliptical Brands For Quality At-Home Fitness

Many people once thought of the elliptical machine as the go-to alternative for runners with injuries or for people just starting a fitness regimen since it is gentle on the joints. The fact is you can get an amazing workout when using a well-made elliptical machine, regardless of your injury profile or current fitness level. Ellipticals have become one of the most popular machines in fitness center gyms. Healthline offers a healthy list of reasons why an elliptical is an excellent option, including building stamina, burning calories and body fat, saving your joints and improving your balance.
If you are building a home gym for easier and more consistent access to workout equipment, an elliptical machine is often a frontrunner for people at all fitness levels when wondering what gym equipment is best. Like any investment, make sure to find the best insurance from Upsie to protect your Elliptical against mechanical failures and accidents.

Ellipticals for You to Consider: Bowflex vs. NordicTrack, vs. ProForm

Regardless of the price point you have in mind for your elliptical, buying any home gym equipment is a big decision. The market is brimming with elliptical brands, so it is important to decide what you want from your fitness equipment. After, figure out which brand and models tick off the most boxes for you.
As you begin your search for the right elliptical machine for your fitness and budget needs, keep some essential details, features and specifications in mind:
  • A minimum flyweight of 7-8 kg
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Intensity options
  • Stride length controls to determine the amplitude of the movement
  • A display basic screen that at least shows you speed, time, distance, calories burned and your heart rate
Many other features and specifications come down to your current fitness level, goals and budget. See what some of the best brands in the market have to offer you to stay fit and healthy in your carefully designed and convenient at-home gym.

1. Bowflex

A well-known brans, Bowflex has designed and offered high-caliber fitness equipment to home consumers since the 1980s. Through the years, the industry has evolved to meet various fitness needs and goals. Bowflex offers three series of elliptical machines for you to consider: Results, Max Trainers and Treadclimbers.
The Results series offers home fitness devotees two series options at the highest price range of $1,500-2,000. Features indicate that they mean business, including 30-35 pound flywheels from Nautilus, multi-grip handlebars to make sure you work your upper body and steep power incline for targeting specific lower-body muscles. Data lovers will get plenty of feedback with this series, as these trainers are data-rich. Next, the Max Trainer series features the M3, which costs $999 and comes with a one-year warranty, which you can boost with an Upsie for a 3-year or 5-year fitness equipment warranty.
The ellipticals in this series are durable and help you work your whole body in each session. Burn as many calories per half-hour on the Max M3 as you can on more expensive options. Choose from eight resistance levels and two built-in programs, which are manual mode and a 14-minute preset workout. The M6 and M8 bump up the offerings for low and no impact workouts, respectively. With more features and specific training, these models increase in price but are worth exploring at any fitness level. Finally, the Treadclimber series offers high-intensity-minded fitness buffs something to push your limits. The TC100 comes with the highest price tag at $2,199, but Bowflex makes it worth the investment with the higher speed of 4mph and increased incline.

2. NordicTrack

NordicTrack comes in strong with its elliptical series that includes Front Drive, Rear Drive and FreeStride Trainer elliptical series. All the NordicTrack ellipticals focus on offering a natural stride, which is a high selling point since the foot pedals on traditional ellipticals were somewhat closer together, causing an unnatural gait for some. The Front Drive series is not a SpaceSaver since it was not designed to fold up for optimizing space, but the Rear Drive machine offers this option.
Each NordicTrack excels at:
  • Resistance ranges that accommodate various fitness levels and goals
  • Stride options to suit your height and gait
  • Moving handlebars facilitate full-body workouts
  • The top models for 2020 come with 7-inch and 10-inch HD touchscreens
  • Consoles are available for trainers at each price point and support iFit functions, which is available for each series
The labor warranty available through NordicTrack is lacking since in-home repair costs are not covered, meaning you might need to ship your machine or pay for your own in-home servicing if something goes wrong. Upsie offers in-home repair warranty services, so you can enjoy quick service from a local repair shop.

3. ProForm

ProForm fitness equipment is known for its smooth and silent workouts, thanks to its patented SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, designed to decrease machine noise. They launched four main series of ellipticals with Endurance, Pro, CSE and Hybrid.
The resistance systems of the Endurance ellipticals are in the front of the machine, instead of the back, meaning they save space without inhibiting your stride length. Further, this series comes at a lower price point, starting at $799. The Pro series offers exercisers more power and smoother workout sessions since these ellipticals feature heavier motors. Therefore, they are tough to move around but are well worth keeping in one place. Typical starting prices in the Pro series start at $1,099. The CSE series features the SMART Striders, which are rear-train drivers that require more floor space than front-train drivers. They are also SpaceSavers, which means you can fold yours up vertically after each workout to save space. The Hybrid series features ellipticals that are part-elliptical and part-bicycle but comes with fewer features. These machines start at $449 and offer some great basic options.
Overall, ProForm ellipticals offer touch screen consoles, built-in speakers, adjustable incline choices and sturdy, steel frames. The one complaint some customers have made is that the company does not always ship the correct parts and that receiving replacements can take a while. Make sure to do an inventory of your machine’s parts upon arrival to confirm that you have everything or that ProForm needs to correct the situation. It is important to explore this issue and ensure that ProForm offers a strong warranty to cover issues in the future before making your purchase.

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Hopefully, this list of the top elliptical machines and elliptical brands will get you moving in the right direction. If you need more help, reach out to the Upsie customer service team to discuss the brands and models they cover and what might work best for you and your workouts in the long-run.

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