Amazon Echo Buds 2: An Excellent Value for Prime Members

Most of the big consumer electronics manufacturers have released new earbuds recently. Amazon is right in the competition with their Echo Buds 2. These noise-canceling earbuds offer excellent value for people who already use the Amazon ecosystem, particularly Amazon Prime members. Find out more about the features and value of these second-generation earbuds from Amazon.

How Do Amazon Echo Buds 2 Compare?

According to CNET, these new earbuds offer a competitive value at their original list price. Amazon’s second-generation earbuds initially sold for $120, which appears competitive for their quality and features.
If shoppers can find these upgraded earbuds on sale for under $100, that’s a bargain! As of January 2022, Amazon has plenty of sales running for Echo Buds 2, including $69 for Prime members.
It looks like Amazon’s strategy often consists of setting very affordable prices for their devices to keep customers loyal to their brand. For instance, people who already have an Amazon Echo device will probably feel comfortable with the way Echo earbuds work over other brands. An affordable price makes it easy for customers to click the Buy button.
Some aspects of the Amazon Echo Buds 2 stand out in the competitive marketplace for earbuds. For instance:
  • These second-generation Amazon earbuds debuted with an improved design over the originals. Some improvements include a more comfortable fit, better noise canceling, and enhanced sound.
  • As with other Amazon Echo devices, users can also call upon Amazon Alexa with voice commands for all sorts of streaming content. This feature offers hands-free access to streaming music, news broadcasts, and much more.
  • The products enable answering the phone without removing the device from a pocket or backpack.
  • The earbuds come with an IPX4 water-resistant rating so that they can survive a sprinkle or splash but not immersion in the pool.

Should Amazon Users Buy Echo Buds 2?

Amazon has improved the sound quality and noise-canceling features over the original Echo Buds. Still, Amazon Echo Buds 2 buyers should not expect the excellent quality or noise-canceling ability of earbuds that cost twice as much as their list price.
Consumers will feel satisfied with the quality if they compare these new earbuds with products in the same price tier. The earbuds work with Android and iOS smartphones. And, in particular, customers with other Amazon smart devices and subscriptions will appreciate how well the Echo Buds 2 work for them.
According to Statista, over 200 million people subscribe to Amazon Prime worldwide. So the company should have no problem finding an eager market for compatible earbuds.

Pair Amazon Echo Buds 2 With a Great Warranty

Amazon produces reasonably durable and high-quality earbuds, but they are not indestructible. In particular, the small size and portability of earbuds make them vulnerable to getting caught out in the rain or dropped on the floor.
An affordable Upsie warranty for Amazon Echo Buds 2 will ensure earbuds get fixed or replaced promptly if they break. Features like 24-7 live claims and local or mail-in repairs make Upsie the most convenient and user-friendly protection plan on the market. In addition, Upsie gives you up to 60 days after the earbud purchase date to get an Upsie warranty.
Even better, Upsie keeps its prices and deductibles low, and this warranty company never hides exclusions or fees in the fine print. Upsie also offers extended warranties for other earbud brands and various electronics or appliances.

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