Five Apple AirPods 3 Rumors to Ponder Ahead of Launch

With the imminent launch of Apple’s AirPods 3, rumors surrounding the brand’s upcoming refresh of its entry-level wireless earbuds are rife. As of now, Apple is yet to formally unveil its next-generation AirPods. However, scaled-back production of current-generation AirPods and chatter surrounding component shipments certainly point toward a release date before the end of the year.
Of course, less concrete rumors had previously hinted at a 2020 release. With that, and now a year on, it feels increasingly likely that the actual AirPods 3 launch may be just around the corner.
So, what can buyers expect from the third generation of Apple’s best-selling wireless headphones? Here are five of the biggest AirPods 3 rumors currently making waves ahead of their greatly anticipated official unveiling.

Apple AirPods 3 Rumors

AirPods 3 rumors have now been circulating for well over a year. Early whispers suggested only minor changes as Apple sought to refresh its entry-level wireless earbud offering for the third time.
Yet, over 12 months on, there’s much more in store, it seems, for the AirPods 3 launch. From a smaller design and replaceable silicone tips to the potential for new colors, there’s conceivably plenty to look forward to.

Smaller Design

Few would accuse either the original AirPods or the AirPods 2 of being too bulky. Despite already being suitably compact, Apple looks set to shave both weight and some overall size off the AirPods 3. While any weight savings are likely to be pretty minuscule, rumors point squarely toward a smaller overall form factor, too, which should feel rather more noticeable.

Shorter Stalks

Part of the rumored smaller design of the next AirPods model comes largely thanks to the third generation of Apple’s wireless earbuds’ expected application of shorter stalks. More akin to those on the existing AirPods Pro, this would certainly make them more inconspicuous. Whether any AirPods being too conspicuous has ever been a major criticism is debatable, although Apple must apparently believe a more unobtrusive appearance is in order.

Replaceable Silicone Tips

Already, it feels like all of the AirPods 3 rumors out there hint at a design that’s very, very similar to the existing AirPods Pro model. This likeness couldn’t possibly be made more evident than with the addition of replaceable silicone tips to the entry-level version.
Now a widely accepted rumor, a smaller design and shorter stalks would also make the necessary room in the AirPods 3’s case for bulkier, replaceable silicone tips.

Pressure Relief System

Leaked images and documents also indicate another decidedly Pro-like feature. It’s believed that Apple’s AirPods 3 will introduce the brand’s great pressure relief system for earbuds to the entry-level model. This is a feature that is currently available exclusively on the AirPods Pro.

New Colors

Demand, it seems, continues to call for a choice of colors when it comes to wireless headphones and earbuds. Apple’s own Powerbeats Pro, courtesy of its Beats by Dre arm, are already available in a choice of exciting colors, including Cloud Pink and Glacier Blue. So, will the parent brand’s fourth AirPods model to date follow suit?
Everything presently hints at them being available exclusively in white. Still, there’s always the possibility that Apple will look to mirror the blue, green, and purple color choices available to iPhone 12 buyers on the AirPods 3.

Apple AirPods 3 Price

At the moment, AirPods prices start at $159. This price increases to $249 for Apple’s Pro model. Accordingly, a price somewhere in between seems the most likely for the third-generation entry-level version.
At the same time, Apple’s rumored inclusion of various Pro-like features on the standard AirPods 3 poses another possibility. Could the AirPods 3 be set to replace the current AirPods Pro line? That could hint at a price much closer to $250.
Alternatively, a price somewhere in the middle—right around $225—would then see Apple nicely positioned to introduce a more costly second generation of AirPods Pro.
Best guesses suggest a roughly $200 price, with all AirPods 3 offered with a wireless charging case. This price would put the AirPods 3 directly on par with the existing AirPods 2, where a wireless charging case adds an extra $40.

Apple AirPods Warranty

Currently, AirPods buyers can also purchase an extended warranty from Apple for an added fee. AppleCare provides two years of hardware repair coverage and up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months.
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Apple AirPods 3 Release Date

As it stands, everything points toward an AirPods 3 launch before the end of the year. Beyond that, nobody has yet been able to pinpoint a more accurate date. That said, a look back at past AirPods releases may give a better indication of what to expect.
Apple released its first generation of AirPods in September 2016. The second generation followed in March 2019. Ignoring last year’s rumored launch, it’s fair to assume that the third incarnation of AirPods (not taking into account AirPods Pro) may arrive at a similar interval to that between the first- and second-generation models.
Based on the above dates, that would point at an AirPods 3 release date this fall – right around September or October 2021. On that basis, Apple would be likely to announce and unveil its next-generation AirPods at some point starting in August.
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