HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headphones

Even though HyperX Cloud Alpha markets its headphones as gaming headsets, these versatile products can competently handle all the tasks of typical headsets.
Even better, many retailers sell these headphones for about $59, even though the manufacturer originally listed them for $99. In any case, most gamers should find these headsets affordable. To ensure they also provide the best features, take a moment to learn how the Cloud Alpha headphones perform.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headphones

TechRadar called this model a standout choice for affordable headsets for gaming. In particular, the reviewers noted the comfortable fit, surround sound and noise-cancellation capabilities, and decent sound quality.
In addition, the position of the controls makes them easy to use, and the cord fits securely in gaming consoles. The headsets also come with an extension cord for PCs and a carrying bag. Thus, Cloud Alpha offers multi-platform game players a versatile choice.

Do HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headsets Offer Good Value?

Besides playing games, the headsets should also serve well for listening to most kinds of music, though more mellow or complex tunes may sound a little flat. Overall, the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headphones offer great value, especially because it’s generally easy to find them on sale.
In particular, these headsets should provide an excellent choice for anybody who values durability, comfort, good sound quality, convenient controls, versatility, and a couple of advanced features. However, dedicated audiophiles may not find that this model provides the best experience when listening to classical music or the blues.

Does HyperX Cloud Offer Wireless Headsets?

HyperX also makes a wireless headset called the Cloud II. According to TechRadar, these headsets offer comfort, durability, and good sound quality. Even better, retailers generally offer these headsets for about the same low price as the Cloud Alpha, so they’re affordable.
Sadly, the Cloud II won’t provide the same versatility between platforms as the Cloud Alpha. Before purchasing the HyperX Cloud II wireless gaming headphones, make sure they work with your favorite gaming devices. These wireless headphones work on PCs and PlayStations but not on Xbox. In addition, they can connect to the dock of a Nintendo Switch but not to the handheld console.

How to Buy Protection Plans for HyperX Cloud Headsets

Once people experience high-quality headphones, they often use them for gaming, listening to music or podcasts, and even chatting with friends. Unfortunately, even the most vulnerable headphones can suffer from common problems after months of constant use.
Typical issues include frayed wires, broken ports, and worn controls. Fortunately, Upsie offers affordable extended warranties for HyperX Cloud headsets. Before succumbing to extended warranty plans from retail stores or manufacturers, take a few moments to consider the advantages of Upsie protection plans.
Crucially, customers can save up to 70 percent on the cost of coverage when they choose Upsie over retailers or manufacturers. While retailers can upcharge significantly due to intermediaries, Upsie works directly with the customers, ensuring that customers save money while getting premium service.
In addition, to ensure long-lasting performance, Upsie offers two-year and three-year protection plans. Upsie’s benefits include 24-7 live claims by phone, a choice of local or mail-in repairs from certified technicians, and an industry-low $25 deductible. With Upsie, your headphones are safe from accidental damage, early wear, manufacturing defects, and more.
In addition to HyperX Cloud headsets, Upsie also covers other brands such as Bose, Apple, Sony, Panasonic, and more. Upsie even covers used or refurbished headphones, so long as they come with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty. Take time to compare headphones to find the perfect combination of features and value. Then turn to Upsie for the kind of warranty protection that will ensure long-lasting performance.

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