Latest JBL Tune 230NC True Wireless Earbuds

Consumers in the market for a new pair of earbuds face a surprising challenge: a wealth of options that make choosing the best product difficult. Apple, Samsung, and Beats represent just a few of many great names that offer earbuds at mostly affordable prices.
Another option warrants consideration: JBL. This name may be known more for Bluetooth and stereo speakers than for its headphones, but the company also boasts several wonderful earbuds. The recent release of the JBL Tune 230NC TWS may not have generated a whole lot of name appeal, but what it lacks in marketing pizazz it makes up for in quality. Keep reading to learn what sets these earbuds apart.

Sound Quality and Design

It should be no surprise that a company specializing in superior sound would make a wonderful sounding set of earbuds. That’s precisely the case with the Tune 230NC TWS. JBL consistently emphasizes bass, as is clear upon first listen with the company’s latest release.
While this is not featured heavily as a Beats product, it’s noticeable in all the right ways. Moreover, the sound quality is excellent for the market JBL hopes to capture — commuters and those wanting to blast playlists while working out.
Unfortunately, JBL’s tendency to put sound quality first sometimes arrives at the cost of comfort. Nowhere is that more evident than when trying these earbuds for the first time. Despite the set coming with three different tips, it often takes some time for users to find the best approach. This might not be a big enough issue to warrant swearing off these earbuds altogether, but it’s something to consider.
Another unfortunate drawback is the active noise cancellation — or lack thereof. Due to the sometimes lackluster fit of these buds, the active noise cancellation is slightly above mediocre. It’s disappointing, but keep in mind that the earbuds can’t truly master active noise cancellation as well as over-the-ear headphones can.

Battery Life and Other Features

Earbuds don’t serve much purpose if they fail to get users through the day. However, that shouldn’t be a problem with this set, which boasts just under nine hours of battery life. Combined with the included case — which holds three additional charges — the Tune 230NC TWS will keep listeners engaged for hours on end.
JBL’s Headphones app is a must-use companion for anyone looking to tweak the sound coming from their headphones. The equalizer feature makes it possible to customize levels above and beyond the sets’ already impressive capabilities. There’s also a nifty feature in the app called Find My Buds, which activates a loud sound, perfect for locating a lost pair of earbuds.
IPX4 water resistance encourages use during sweaty workouts or rainy days, but the earbuds aren’t ideal for underwater use. Given the sometimes lackluster fit, it would probably be best to avoid using these earbuds in the pool regardless.

JBL Tune 230NC Price

While the JBL Tune 230NC TWS earbuds come in three different colors, there’s only one version of the buds. This simplifies pricing. For $99, these are comparable to other midrange earbuds such as the Pixel Buds A-Series and Sony’s WF-C500 set. It’s a fair price to pay, especially given the fantastic sound quality and impressive battery life.
As a total package, JBL has released a very solid set of earbuds in the Tune 230NC TWS. It’s a shame these don’t consistently fit better. Otherwise, they would be near the head of the class in the midrange earbud market. As it is, they will still appeal to budget-conscious audiophiles looking for a relatively affordable set of earbuds.

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