What You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung recently made a splash with the UNPACKED event, which proved that smartphones and laptops are by no means the only exciting technological releases on the horizon. A variety of impressive gadgets took center stage at this event, providing a glimpse into the future of the consumer tech world
One of the hottest new products in the spotlight at Samsung’s Galaxy UNPACKED 2021? The Galaxy Buds 2. These sleek new earbuds may not represent a giant leap forward in their category, but they still hold a great deal of potential. With the Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung offers an impressive package at a solid price point meant to attract as many buyers as possible.
Not sure if these earbuds are worth the investment? Keep reading to find out what makes the Galaxy Buds 2 so appealing and when tech lovers will be able to get their hands — and ears — on them.

Fit and Design

As crazy as it sounds, the audio quality pumped out of earbuds has never been the chief concern for most consumers. Instead, they’re inclined to focus on fit. This makes sense; not even theater-quality sound will be enjoyable if the earbuds are awkward to wear.
Thankfully, Samsung has a long history of making comfortable headphones and buds. And this trend continues with the Galaxy Buds 2. Featuring a slightly curved shape that makes them nearly invisible when viewed head-on, the Buds 2 feel great.
Samsung’s design team knocked it out of the park when it comes to the look of the Galaxy Buds 2.  The buds are available in black, white, lavender and olive. In addition, the Buds 2 are finished in a glossy material that makes them glisten in the light.

Features and Sound Quality

Active noise cancellation is the newest feature to be found in the Galaxy Buds 2. This add-on certainly works, but early reviews label it as solid, yet unspectacular. Granted, for $149 it’s impossible to expect these buds to offer the same level of noise cancellation as the more expensive Galaxy Buds Pro. As such, it’s nice to see that these earbuds offer noise cancellation.
On the other hand, sound quality is just as good as the Galaxy Buds Pro. This proves that Samsung isn’t afraid to undercut its own products by including iterative improvements in new devices. It’s worth asking, then: why would anyone choose to spend a little bit more for the Buds Pro, when the newer, cheaper Buds 2 seem to offer the same experience?
As mentioned previously, the noise cancellation in the Buds 2 isn’t as robust. And unfortunately, with just an IPX2 rating for water resistance, the Buds 2 won’t hold up nearly as well in wet (or sweaty) conditions as the Galaxy Buds Pro. Whether or not those differences matter to the average consumer has yet to be seen.

How Do Galaxy Buds 2 Compare to the Competition?

With the Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung is targeting the upper-mid range consumer who doesn’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a set of earbuds. Still, target consumers demand quality products with great sound. In that respect, the Buds 2 are a great option. Additionally, they come in well below premium offerings from Sony and Apple in the price department. Despite this, the Buds 2 offer a level of quality comparable to their rivals.
Overall, Samsung’s Buds 2 provides a tremendous package. However, you can better utilize it if you pair it with a Samsung Galaxy phone or other Galaxy devices. Samsung will release the Galaxy Buds 2 on August 27th.

How to Protect Your New Galaxy Buds 2

From smartphones to earbuds, a variety of Samsung products warrant extra protection in the form of extended warranties. Extended warranties provide coverage above and beyond the limited warranties that so frequently leave devices vulnerable to spills, drops, and other sources of damage.
Upsie headphone extended warranties provide a great solution, as they’re both affordable and convenient. If your Samsung device encounters damage, Upsie will quickly approve your claim and help get it fixed it at a local repair shop. Alternately, send it in for repair with Upsie’s prepaid mail-in service. Upsie saves customers time and money by offering affordable protection paired with quality service.

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