All About the Nintendo Bluetooth Connection for Headphones

Wireless connections have grown so popular that many smartphones don’t even come with headphone jacks any longer. That’s why so many gamers felt surprised and disappointed with Nintendo’s continued lack of Bluetooth connectivity. In particular, leaving out wireless connections to headphones felt like a glaring omission for portable gaming devices, like the Nintendo Switch.
Just recently, Nintendo finally added Bluetooth connectivity to the Nintendo Switch through a firmware update. According to PC Magazine, this update came about because of work done on the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. Whatever the reason, many Nintendo Switch owners will enjoy this upgrade.

How Does Bluetooth Connectivity Work With a Nintendo Switch?

Even though gamers will welcome the upgrade, they should understand its current limitations. For instance, the Nintendo Switch only allows one set of headphones paired at a time. Also, no more than two controllers will work with the device while it’s connected to Bluetooth. The update only works with headphones or earbuds and not microphones.
To get started with wireless audio, update the Nintendo Switch to at least Version 13.0.0. This automatically unlocks Bluetooth audio. After the update, users will need to pair their earbuds or headphones to the gaming system. They can accomplish this goal either in handheld or docked mode.
From the Switch’s home screen:
  • Choose the gear icon for System Settings and then scroll down the options to select Bluetooth Audio.
  • Some headphones or earbuds may require pushing a button to pair the device, but others will automatically pair when removed from their case.
  • Choose Pair Device on the Switch’s screen and wait for the system to find the headphones. Then click OK.
After the first pairing, the devices should automatically connect whenever the Nintendo Switch can detect the headphones. If this proves inconvenient, return to System Settings to disconnect paired devices.

Which Bluetooth Headsets Work Well With a Nintendo Switch?

The addition of Bluetooth opens up more choices for gaming headsets. To help inform shopping choices, consider some good examples.

SteelSeries Arctis 1

GamesRadar rated the SteelSeries Arctis 1 headphones as their best overall choice for pairing with a Nintendo Switch. Priced at $79, these headphones offer decent sound quality and a durable design. Thus, they provide a good balance of price and quality for wireless headsets.

Strix Go 2.4

For a little more money, the Strix Go 2.4 from ROG offers wireless headphones with a noise-cancelling feature. Shop around to find them for $126. They weigh just a bit more than the Arctis 1 but have a sleek, comfortable design.

How to Protect Gaming Consoles and Accessories

Nintendo’s new Bluetooth connectivity for audio should help retain loyal customers and even attract more people to this brand. After buying a high-quality gaming console, games, and accessories, most gamers have invested several hundreds of dollars in their engrossing hobby.
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