10+ Things to Anticipate From Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors

As it stands, Nintendo’s rumored Switch Pro is precisely that: a much-gossiped-about console that may, or may not, be on the horizon.
Talk of a Pro-labeled Switch has now been circulating for a couple of years. However, at no point has Nintendo made any move toward confirming such a device. At the same time, nor has the company sought to squash fans’ continued hopes of an upgraded Switch model.
Still, rumors continue to surface, particularly in light of the 2020 release of next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. With that, it looks increasingly likely that a Pro model Switch could hit the shelves sooner rather than later.

Big Names Begin to Weigh in on Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors

With 2021 now well underway, big names including Bloomberg and Vox Media have started to weigh in on the Switch Pro discussion. As early as March this year, Bloomberg pointed toward the use of faster NVIDIA processors in an upcoming Nintendo model.
The leading media outlet reported that the Japanese multinational consumer electronics giant was planning to launch a refreshed console ahead of the Christmas shopping season. This model, of course, was quickly rumored to be the Switch Pro.

So, What Do We Know About the Switch Pro?

Bloomberg remains responsible for among the most credible whispers surrounding the rumored Switch Pro. Their ongoing reporting claims that more efficient, higher-fidelity graphics will be central to the refreshed Switch’s offering.
Many of Bloomberg’s beliefs hinge on the console’s anticipated adoption of all-new NVIDIA tech. Such tech, it’s thought, will afford the rumored Switch Pro with an OLED display upgrade and the ability to reproduce game visuals at 4K quality when connected to a TV.
Beyond a display upgrade and 4K visual reproduction, everything else we currently know about the Switch Pro is purely speculative. Overall, Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors to the currently unconfirmed console include:
  • 4K resolution in docked mode
  • Improved handheld display
  • Better battery life
  • Numerous new color options
  • More robust build quality
  • Significant hardware improvements
  • 64GB SSD storage
  • Fitness-tracking functionality
  • Major new game debuts
  • Improved third-party game ports
  • Bluetooth for third-party accessories
Further internet chatter also points toward the possibility of improved Joy-Con controllers. A recently-approved patent filed by Nintendo certainly suggests that this could be the case.

Nintendo Switch Pro Pricing

As ever, no discussion of a rumored new console would be complete without a closer look at pricing. Upgraded hardware is one of the few rumored Switch Pro additions backed by credible reporting. Accordingly, a price increase seems inevitable.
Analysts at Bloomberg, in fact, have already calculated a price hike of as much as $100. Such a steep increase in price over the standard Nintendo Switch’s $299.99 MSRP would put it on par with Sony’s PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.
It would also position the Switch Pro squarely between Microsoft’s $500 Xbox Series X and the more modest $300 Xbox Series S. With this potentially sharp cost increase taken into account, the peace of mind of a video gaming warranty seems more pertinent than ever.
Upsie already offers a choice of comprehensive Nintendo Switch warranty options. Coverage includes protection from drops, dead pixels, power failures, and more. Current Nintendo Switch warranty prices start at just $49.99 based on a three-year plan with accident protection.

Rumored Switch Pro Release Date

It’s no secret that the existing Nintendo Switch is midway through its so-called console cycle. Doug Bowser, the current president of Nintendo of America, confirmed as much last year while speaking to Vox Media’s gaming website, Polygon. Bowser’s comments quickly served to add extra fuel to the fire surrounding rumors of a more powerful Switch Pro.
Bowser’s comments also made it clear that a supposed Nintendo Switch 2—a new model from the ground up—would be unlikely at any point in the near future. Instead, it seemed, a refreshed console with a familiar form factor would presumably be the consumer electronics giant’s priority.
Still, no official word has been received in regards to a release date. As such, logic continues to dictate that an improved but ultimately familiar-looking Switch console would be most likely to appear later this year.
The latest rumors suggest an unveiling at some point between now and the fall to set the console up nicely for a pre-Christmas release. Doing so would make it a perfect gift for the 2021 holiday season.

While You Wait…

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