Review: Sennheiser RS 5200 Wireless TV Headphones

Sennheiser is famed for its high-fidelity audio products. Loved by music fans, the brand’s audience is now growing. This growth comes as the Hanover-based German manufacturer looks to appeal to a broader range of customers, including avid TV watchers.
Products like its recently introduced RS 5200 wireless headphones are a perfect example. Designed to enhance TV sound above all else, they come in direct response to customers’ increasingly varied auditory needs, according to the manufacturer.
Unconventional in their appearance, Sennheiser’s all-new RS 5200 wireless TV headphones have already been likened to a doctor’s stethoscope by What Hi-Fi?’s team. Worn under the chin rather than over the head, the intention is to relieve pressure on wearers’ ears and temples, particularly when wearing glasses.

Sennheiser RS 5200 Features

Sennheiser’s RS 5200 headphones connect wirelessly to a transmitter. That transmitter, in turn, is connected to a TV’s audio output. Once up and running, sound is broadcast over a range of up to 70 meters – a huge distance, all things considered.

Distinct Hearing Profiles

The RS 5200s boast three distinct hearing profiles, each tailored to enhance different frequency bands when watching television. Independent volume controls for each ear then promise an additional degree of customization not typically found on more traditional headphones. Elsewhere, a special speech clarity function can also be enabled, intended to reduce background noise and make TV dialogue easier to follow.

Comfort Is Key

Of course, comfort is key when watching TV. Here, Sennheiser’s unique under-the-chin design is the manufacturer’s biggest innovation. It makes the lightweight 2.15-ounce Sennheiser RS 5200s as pleasant to wear as possible. They’ve included a choice of ear tip adapters, too, to further ensure that this is the case.
Accordingly, Sennheiser RS 5200 buyers can choose from four options, starting with two pairs of silicone tips. A memory foam pair created for noise isolation and an open foam option are also included. This open foam option is designed to allow a degree of ambient sound through, even when watching TV with the sound turned all the way up.

Twelve-Hour Battery Life

The headphones themselves are rechargeable, boasting up to 12 hours of continuous use before needing more power. When it’s time to recharge, doing so can take up to three hours. Helpfully, they charge when docked atop their transmitter, which doubles as an attractive stand for the headphones. As such, it’s unlikely that most users will run out of power between uses unless they’re frequently enjoying marathon binge-watching sessions.

Ready-To-Go Solution

When picking up a pair of Sennheiser’s latest TV-focused headphones, buyers can expect to receive everything they need to delve straight into their favorite shows. That’s because the German manufacturer’s all-new wireless headphones come complete with all of the necessary analog and optical cables. They also include a TV RCA adapter to suit almost every existing home entertainment setup.

Sennheiser RS 5200 Price and Availability

A U.S. release date for Sennheiser’s new RS 5200 wireless TV headphones is yet to be announced. The same goes for pricing. It’s currently available in Europe and Australia for the equivalent of roughly $280 to $310. These prices are a good indication of what the RS 5200s will likely cost buyers in North America.
Based on past Sennheiser product releases, the brand’s latest wireless TV headphones should be available to U.S. customers very soon. (As of December 3, 2021, it is still listed as ‘Coming Soon.’)
There are a range of accessories available for purchase including longer cables, additional ear tips with cerumen filters, and spare transmitters. Again, U.S. release dates and prices are yet to be announced. However, they should mirror what’s already been confirmed for European and Australian customers.

Sennheiser RS 5200 Warranty

Sennheiser’s all-new wireless TV headphones are expected to cost around $300. With that, an extended warranty is advisable. Thanks to Upsie, a range of headphone warranty packages are available for all of Sennheiser’s most popular products.
Low-cost coverage with Upsie is made possible by cutting out the middleman. In fact, Upsie saves you up to 70 percent compared to policies sold in-store. Affordable, but no less comprehensive as a result, benefits include protection against manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, drops, cracks, liquid spills, and more.
Portable audio and headphone warranty solutions are also available for products from Apple, Beats by Dre, Bose, and all other leading manufacturers.

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