Wyze Headphones Offer Excellent Quality at a Sound Price

Many people think that headphones are a fairly new invention, but that’s not really the case. The earliest headphone device arrived in the late 19th century to support early telephone operators in their work. According to Cool Material, those first headphones in 1881 were made of a single earpiece resting on the user’s shoulder and weighed over 10 pounds. Can you imagine lugging such a thing while jogging or on your bus commute to work?
Over the centuries, headphone manufacturers have come to understand that less is much more. Further, they want their customers to enjoy personal sonic pleasure without getting a crick in their necks. Fortunately, you have a broad range of choices available today. One great option is headphones by Wyze, a company that strives to offer you the best of the best for an affordable price.
If you are among the nearly 400 million Americans considering buying new headphones, you might want to look into Wyze and all it has to offer. It’s also important to explore headphone insurance plans and warranties that will work for you. Regardless of the great price you get, you want your headphones to last as long as possible.
Let’s take a look at what Wyze offers you for personal listening pleasure to help you choose in a crowded market.

The Wyze Brand

Industry experts like Rick Broida at CNET have already shared their overview of Wyze headphones. Broida stated in January 2021 that “The Wyze Headphones look and feel like they cost a lot more. They sound good, too, and offer an amazing assortment of features — including surprisingly effective ANC.”
The CNET article notes that Wyze has already delivered 12 new products for 2021, proving the company was busy and highly productive in 2020. Let’s look at the premier headphone offering from this Seattle, Washington electronics and smart products company.

Wyze Noise-Canceling Headphones

The Wyze Noise-Canceling Headphones can put some serious aural distance between you and the rest of humanity. Tech Hive states that few headphones cancel out environmental sound better than Wyze, and even better; they’re incredibly comfortable. The article’s author experienced a case of reverse sticker shock, finding that these headphones cost only $60 instead of the $150 he had assumed because of the comfort and high-quality sound. However, the price tag has gone up to $67.98, according to the Wyze website.
Several features and specifications make these headphones the ones to watch this year, including:
  • Active noise control (ANC), also known as noise cancellation or active noise reduction, filters out distracting ambient sounds.
  • Comfortable fit to allow for hours of wear and listening.
  • Folding design to make the headphones more compact and easy to store when not in use.
  • Transparency mode to help keep you safe when dangers are around, helping you stay alert while still enjoying your music or podcast. If you’re walking on a busy street and need to know if someone is riding behind you on a bicycle, reduce the amount of ANC to let in enough aural information to stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Wear detection instantly turns down the volume on your headphones if it detects you have removed them from your ears.
  • USB-C wired headphones.
  • App-based equalizer lets you download the app, then personalize your settings according to your Wyze headphones specifications.
  • Support for Alexa voice commands.
  • Quick conversation mode allows you to have a quick chat with a co-worker or friend on the street. Just cover the right ear’s headphone cup to quiet your audio.
Wyze is filling an important spot in a competitive market. While Apple, Bosch, and Sennheiser vie for the top position, along with high prices, Wyze offers comparable quality for a drastically lower price tag.

Does Wyze Offer an Extended Warranty?

Exploring your warranty options with Wyze is indeed a wise option. You are only able to add an extended warranty when purchasing your Wyze product from the official company website, where you’ll receive the prompt to “Add accident protection offered by Extend.” Next, you can select a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year protection plan. If you miss the prompt or choose not to buy a warranty at the time of purchase, you cannot add an extended Wyze warranty at a later time.

Let Upsie Help You Get the Extended Headphones Warranty Coverage You Need

If you want to buy new noise-canceling on-ear headphones, you’ll need a reliable protection plan. With Upsie, you have more time to decide beyond the checkout page right before you complete your purchase. Upsie offers you 60 days to choose between two and three years of protection for your Wyze headphones. Upsie makes it easy to file a claim 24/7/365 and enjoy a quick resolution via local repair or replacement.

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