Galaxy Chromebook 2: Premium Features for Less Money

Lots of people love the feature-rich, gorgeous display of the top-end Galaxy Chromebook. Still, they’re not quite ready to shell out $1,000 for a laptop, much less a Chromebook. According to CNET, Samsung provides a pretty good alternative with the Galaxy Chromebook 2.
Samsung scaled down some Galaxy Chromebook 2 features to trim the price. At the same time, these changes actually improved battery life over the original Galaxy Chromebook.

How do the Galaxy Chromebook and Galaxy Chromebook 2 Compare?

Both laptops have 13.3-inch screens. The original Chromebook offers 4K resolution, and the Chromebook 2 has 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution. They also substituted the Intel Core i5 processor with either a Celeron 5205U or Core i3-10110U processor. These changes allowed Samsung to substantially lower the price between the two models.
At the same time, battery life on the high-end Galaxy Chromebook generated some user complaints. By trimming resolution and processing power, Samsung can actually promise more time between charges for the Chromebook 2 than the Chromebook.
Typically, the Galaxy Chromebook retails for about $1,000. In contrast, the Chromebook 2 starts at about $550. As for performance and picture quality, many users won’t notice a lot of difference. On the other hand, they can expect better battery life out of the cheaper computer. The Chromebook 2 also uses a different type of stylus and doesn’t have the same camera setup.

Why Compare Galaxy Chromebook 2 Warranties?

Beyond the short-term limited warranty that comes with a Galaxy Chromebook 2 purchase, there’s no requirement to purchase an extended warranty for a new laptop from the retailer.
In fact, the FTC encourages consumers to compare various warranties to see which one offers the most benefits. That’s especially true when new customers feel pressured to make a decision about buying an extra extended warranty when they buy their device. Most people want to shop for new computers by comparing prices and features and not by checking out warranty details.
For instance, the FTC suggests considering these extended warranty details:
  • Who takes care of claims
  • What’s covered
  • Better options and lower price

Are Upsie Galaxy Chromebook 2 Warranties Worth It?

A few years ago, most people thought of Chromebooks when they wanted a cheaper alternative to a Windows or Apple computer. These days, high-end Chromebook computers really test that definition. It’s certainly possible to find top-end Chromebook computers that cost more than some modestly priced Windows or Apple competitors.
That’s just one reason why many people will find that a Chromebook extended warranty is absolutely worth it. Consumers don’t have to buy that warranty from the manufacturer or retailer that they purchased their computer from, either.

Upsie Galaxy Chromebook 2 Warranties: A Better Option

With a purchase of a Chromebook 2, and within 60 days, Upsie offers affordable, comprehensive extended warranty coverage with accident protection included for everybody. It’s simple to register online. Just be sure to save the sales receipt so it can be uploaded into your online account. After that, feel free to throw it away! As a note, Upsie will even cover qualified purchases of a used Chromebook, just so long as the used device comes with a short-term seller warranty.
For a price lower than its competition, Upsie will cover such accidents as liquid spills and drops, along with battery, connection, screen issues and much more. With the purchase of a two- or three-year protection plan, Upsie customers get access to 24-7 customer service either online or by phone. When filing a claim, customers can also choose between mail-in or local repairs from certified repair shops.
Instead of forcing Chromebook buyers to read a lot of fine print, Upsie has all the prices and coverage details clearly stated on their Galaxy Chromebook warranty page. For some people, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 may offer a better choice than the original Galaxy Chromebook. It’s also easy to follow the FTC’s advice by comparing warranties and seeing that Upsie offers a better extended warranty option.

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