What is the Best Extended Warranty for Dell Laptops?

During the past decade, personal computer sales have slowly dropped. Many consumers have turned towards tablets and smartphones as their primary devices during this time. Over the last decade, Dell has endured its ups and downs, but overall, Statista found that Dell shipped about 50 percent more PCs in 2021 than it did in 2011. For PCs, Dell ranked third behind only HP and Lenovo.

Are Dell Laptops Popular?

Industry watchers credit Dell’s success to the development of cloud-based solutions and other technology to satisfy the changing needs of its market. Dell managed to establish its brand as one of the big players that consumers turn to when they want a laptop for business and personal use.

Do Dell Laptops Need Extended Warranties?

Like almost all electronics manufacturers, Dell offers a limited warranty with each laptop purchase. Typically, these contracts last for one year after the purchase date, but sometimes are shorter. They also only cover issues that occur due defects, but not accidents like spills and drops.

Problems With Limited Warranties

Getting covered repairs may consist of contacting the warranty department to file a claim, following instructions to ship the laptop to the service center, and then waiting for the service center to return the device. After the initial coverage ends or for problems excluded by Dell’s limited warranty, the customer will need to pay for repairs or a replacement laptop out of their own pocket.
According to Thumbtack, labor costs to fix laptops average $65 an hour, not including the price of parts or software. Sometimes, finding qualified local technicians to make the repairs can present a challenge. Thumbtack suggested looking for technicians with certifications from corporations or schools that demonstrate their qualifications.

Benefits of an Extended Warranty for Dell Laptops

Few people feel satisfied when they invest hundreds of dollars in a new laptop and then must spend a few hundred dollars more on replacing a cracked screen or worn charging port. Because of concerns over repair bills, many people delay service or simply toss out their old computers and buy new ones.
Either way, this causes problems because of unnecessary expenses and environmental waste. An Upsie warranty can prevent this problem by broadening and extending coverage. This way, you will be protected by more types of damage and last longer than a manufacturer’s initial warranty.

How Upsie Extended Warranties Protect Dell Laptops

Almost all manufacturers and retailers will push their own extended warranties, and Dell doesn’t stand as an exception. You should know that there is no obligation to purchase these protection plans, so you’re perfectly free to shop around for the best value.
In particular, consider the unmatched value that an Upsie warranty for Dell laptops offers:
  • Live claims representatives answer the phone 24-7 to expedite filing claims and accessing certified repair services.
  • The claims representatives can offer Upsie customers a choice between local or postage-paid, mail-in repairs from properly certified technicians.
  • You have up to 60 days to secure Upsie protection for new, used and refurbished Dell laptops after purchase.
  • Dell laptop owners can transfer their remaining protection to a new owner upon selling their devices.
  • Upsie only asks for a $25 deductible for any covered repairs.
Some people might assume that a plan like this will cost a lot. Besides Dell laptops, Upsie also offers protection plans for other Dell electronics, other brands, and various kinds of appliances. Best of all, Upsie sells directly to customers by phone or online. Because Upsie doesn’t pay commissions to retailers, they charge lower rates and deductibles than their competitors without compromising on quality and service.

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