The Top-Rated Laptop Backpacks of 2021

Whether you’re a busy professional commuting to work, a student with a loaded schedule, or a photographer toting gear, a reliable backpack is a must. This accessory is especially vital if you need somewhere to store your expensive laptop. These days, many backpacks are specifically designed for this purpose.
With so many options available, choosing the right laptop backpack can be tricky. Don’t skimp on quality or features; if you snap a strap or break a zipper, your laptop could be vulnerable to significant damage. To help you make this important decision, we’ve highlighted a few great laptop backpacks below, categorized based on how you intend to use this essential accessory.

Best Laptop Backpacks for Students

What makes a student’s backpack different from that of the modern business professional? For starters, most students still need to haul around bulky textbooks. As such, a pack capable of handling a lot of cargo is essential.
The Granite Gear Campus Superior Backpack is built for heavy loads, and, thanks to the company’s history of making packs designed for hikers, it’s built to stand up to all of the physical challenges of campus life. At $85.95, it’s somewhat pricey — but you can rest easy, knowing you won’t have to buy several of these laptop backpacks during your time in college.
For students who are fortunate enough not to need physical textbooks, the Matein Travel Laptop Backpack has plenty of space for everything else used on a regular basis. The backpack’s coolest feature may be its built-in USB charging port, which can be paired with an external battery to charge phones easily on the go. Students can find this reasonably-priced option for under $30.

Best Laptop Backpacks for Business Commuters

The work-from-home era hasn’t stopped some people from returning to the office. Still, many have grown fond of having their own devices on hand. With bring-your-own-device setups ensuring maximum social distance and worker flexibility, a dependable laptop bag is a must.
In a post-COVID world, the Timbuk2 Spire is a perfect choice for commuters who sometimes find themselves battling the elements on their way to work. Getting stuck in the rain at the transit stop may soak your clothes, but your belongings will be safe inside thanks to the Spire’s water-resistant construction. Commuters can find this popular backpack for around $75.
If the weather is less of a factor — and you simply require a no-frills pack that can get your belongings from point A to point B — the AmazonBasics Campus Laptop Backpack is a great choice. Don’t let the name fool you, as this is not just for college students. The backpack’s assorted pockets and compartments are just as useful for busy professionals. All types of users will want to make the most of the insulated cooler pocket, which is perfect for packing lunch. At only $37, this bag is an excellent value.

Best Laptop Backpacks for Photographers

Viewing and editing photos on a laptop while on a shoot is a luxury that some photographers resist. Often, their packs get too cumbersome if a laptop has to come along for the trip.
That isn’t the case with the Vanguard Alta Sky 51D, a premium product at a premium price (about $220 when on sale) that’s worth every penny. Capable of holding a 15-inch laptop, this pack has room for multiple cameras, lenses, and any other accessories you might require. The rain cover is a nice touch when inclement weather can’t stop you from getting that perfect shot.
If a messenger bag is more your style, then the Billingham Hadley One may be right up your alley. It’s definitely attractive, as it sports bold leather straps and includes a wide array of color options. Style is just the beginning, however. In addition, this useful bag is capable of holding a 13-inch laptop as well as your DSLR and a couple of lenses. Constructed with a three-layer waterproof fabric, the only thing that dampens the Hadley One is its price: $349.

Laptop Protection Plans

Once you choose the perfect laptop, and a backpack to accompany it, you’ll need to make another decision: whether to invest in an extended warranty. This could be as important of a tool for protecting your device as the most well-constructed backpack. After all, no matter which backpack you buy, the risk of drops or water damage remains significant.
An extended warranty from Upsie will deliver protection against top sources of damage. Upsie’s efforts to cut out the middle man make these warranties surprisingly affordable, as well. If your laptop does break or malfunction, Upsie’s deductibles are only $25 per claim.
Choosing the perfect laptop backpack might be difficult, but choosing Upsie is easy. Check out Upsie’s laptop warranty plans today.

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