Does Your Internet and WiFi Router Matter?

When discussing how to achieve the fastest in-home WiFi, the solution is typically to purchase faster internet from your internet service provider. Routers rarely come into the discussion, and many people don’t know how important they are to your WiFi speeds. If you’re wondering if your WiFi router matters, the answer is a resounding yes. The brand, type, and even location of your router can impact your internet connection and how many devices can successfully connect.

How WiFi Routers Work

You purchase the internet from your internet service provider, like Verizon or Xfinity. They send the internet to your home through cables, which connect to your home router. Your router takes the internet signal, splices it up, and sends it wirelessly to your devices.
Because of your router, you can connect multiple devices to your internet simultaneously. Sometimes, routers have Ethernet ports so you can wire your computer to your internet, which typically leads to faster speeds. Essentially, routers are the middle-man between your devices and the internet signal your ISP provides. Your router does not make your internet speed any quicker or more powerful. It simply allows your devices to connect to your internet wirelessly.

Choosing a Router

Many people believe that since a router doesn’t affect their WiFi speeds, it doesn’t matter what router they purchase. However, that’s not true. There are many types of routers at different price points. Choosing a router requires careful consideration of your internet speed, budget, how many devices you want to connect, and more.
The first thing you should consider is how fast the internet is that you purchased from your ISP. A high-end router will not make your 300mbps internet faster. However, you need to buy a router that matches your internet speed. If you pay for 300mbps internet speeds, but your router can only handle 200mbps, your internet speed will slow to what your router can handle. You would need to purchase a router capable of 300mbps or more.
A high-quality router from a reputable brand will also provide a more stable connection to your internet so you can enjoy it to its fullest. Routers determine the reliability of your WiFi connection and the ability to connect as many devices as your internet allows. It can also even send your WiFi signal out to a larger area, preventing the need for WiFi extenders.
Higher-quality WiFi routers are typically more secure, protecting you and your data. There are even smart routers that allow you to check the status of and control your router from your phone.

WiFi Router Maintenance

Many high-quality routers can last 3-4 years without problems, but regular maintenance will help them last that long, or maybe beyond. It’s important to keep WiFi routers in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating. And keeping routers in the open and not in cupboards or corners can also help your WiFi signal since there are fewer obstacles.
Additionally, make your router a regular stop when dusting your home. Dust build-ups in your router can slow the internal technology, leading to weaker internet connections. Connecting your router to a surge protector is also a good idea. That way, if there’s a power surge in your outlets, your router won’t get fried.

WiFi Router Warranty

Buying internet from an ISP doesn’t do much good without a router to help send the internet to your wireless devices. Many rely on home WiFi for school, work, gaming, streaming, and more. The Internet is essential to our daily lives, so protecting your router is crucial. Many routers will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but they only last a year. Luckily, consumers have another option — Upsie.
Upsie’s router warranty plans are affordable and cost up to 70% less than warranties from retailers or manufacturers. With Upsie, customers can also make claims 24/7/365, and you can make unlimited claims up to the price of your device. So don’t risk losing your WiFi connection because of a faulty router. Upsie also offers warranties for laptops, PCs, tablets, and more.
Purchase an Upsie extended warranty for peace of mind.

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