Why You Need a Google Nest Router Extended Warranty

According to CNET, Google Nest routers offer an almost foolproof way to enhance connectivity. Users need to take the router out of the box, plug it in, follow the app’s instructions, and enjoy improved internet performance. Each of these routers also functions as a smart speaker, complete with a built-in microphone to access Google Home Assistant.
With a retail price of $269, the Google Nest router offers good value. In particular, people who have or plan to purchase other devices compatible with Google Home Assistant should feel satisfied with their experience.

Does a Nest Router Need an Extended Warranty?

Most families and small businesses start with a router that their Internet Service Provider supplies. When these routers encounter problems, the ISP will usually trade the old one for a new one.
In contrast, consumers purchase Google Nest routers in addition to the equipment they already have from the ISP. Typically, people invest in mesh routers because some parts of the building don’t pick up internet signals well, or performance suffers when multiple people use the internet simultaneously. The ISP’s router used to work well enough for most homes and small businesses. These days, more connected devices add to the demand for bandwidth, and a mesh router can offer a solution for better connectivity.
Like most limited warranties for electronics, Google’s manufacturer’s warranty ensures that they will deliver a product free from defects for one year. If, for instance, the router breaks because somebody knocked it to the floor, or if defects grow apparent after the first year, the purchasers will need to pay for replacements or repairs out of their own pockets.
An extended warranty covers the device longer, plus it will cover many more types of damage, like accidents, spills, or power shorts. This premium protection plan will offer more coverage than the limited warranty, plus it will pick up after the first contract ends.

Why Choose an Upsie Warranty for Google Nest Routers?

Upsie offers superior warranty protection for less than its competitors, but it never sacrifices value. For instance:
  • Customers can choose between two- or three-year plans
  • 24/7 live claims with real people
  • Choose between mail-in or local repairs for most plans
  • Full replacement if repairs are not possible on the first claim
Upsie protection plans cover almost any typical problem that people experience with mesh routers. Issues might include damage from getting dropped, spilled on, or suffering a power surge during an electrical storm. Upsie also covers defects that show up after the manufacturer’s warranty terminates.

How to Get Started With an Upsie Router Warranty

To get started with Upsie:
  • Visit the Upsie router extended warranty page.
  • Complete the form with a few details about the router purchased.
  • Check plan options and online information to understand the coverage.
  • Purchase the warranty and upload a digital receipt copy.
Upsie makes it easy to get started with its transparent details and online registration. Even better, this warranty company lets customers take up to 60 days to enroll in protection after purchase. Some customers may have already signed up for a less robust and more expensive extended warranty at the time of sale, but there’s still time to cancel for a refund and return to Upsie.
Besides routers, Upsie also provides protection plans for computers, other types of computer accessories, and various electronic devices. A Google Nest mesh router can enhance internet coverage, and Upsie will enhance that router’s protection.

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