The Scoop On Dual Screen Monitors: Are They Necessary?

PC monitors have come a long way since the days of bulky boxes showing bare-bones DOS prompts. Today’s monitors rival the best televisions currently on the market. This transformation couldn’t come at a better time. With so many people now working from home, having a great monitor setup is essential.
PC gamers have already utilized the dual monitor setup in various ways to get the most out of their gaming experience. They can attest to the increased productivity afforded by having another screen at the ready. That said, simply adding more monitors to a workspace doesn’t necessarily make it a better space. Keep reading to find out what makes a dual monitor setup useful — and when it’s best to go with a single screen.

Dual Screen Monitors for Gaming

Most enthusiast computer gamers swear by their monitors. They can describe the exact brand, size, resolution, and refresh rate for their screen of choice. While some players are perfectly fine with one monitor — regardless of whether it’s an ultrawide or a 4K screen — others can’t go without a dual-screen setup.
Why are so many players opting for the double (or sometimes triple) monitor setup? It’s simple: the more users can see, the better they can play. In the past, thick monitor bezels would diminish the experience with distracting black space located directly in the middle of the action. This is no longer a problem, now that manufacturers have created monitors with ultra-thin bezels that are barely visible.
First-person shooter players looking for a field-of-view advantage will definitely get the most out of dual monitors. Streamers looking to run OBS or other software while broadcasting their exploits can also benefit from double monitors.
However, the single screen remains an excellent option for all but the most hardcore players. After all, ultrawide monitors are relatively affordable — and 4K screens are capable of both high resolutions and ridiculous refresh rates. As such, having a dual monitor setup is more of a luxury than a necessity.

Dual Screen Monitors for Workplaces

With more employees opting to work remotely, the home office has become more scrutinized than ever. As a result, individuals looking to maximize productivity should consider adding another monitor to their desk if they have enough room.
A dual monitor setup can work wonders for those fortunate enough to have the space — be it on their desk or on the wall next to them. Even if the monitors in question are smaller(around 20 inches), having two of them can really bolster productivity.
Swapping between programs and constantly minimizing and maximizing windows can become incredibly tedious. The addition of a second monitor can alleviate this problem, allowing employees to dedicate one screen to their email or communications apps and the other to organizational software or other functions.
Unfortunately, not everyone has space for an additional screen. There are already plenty of examples of people converting formerly cramped spaces into makeshift offices. For these people, extra monitors may not be realistic.
What can be done to boost screen real estate without investing in actual real estate to find a room that will fit it all? A curved monitor could be a solution for some, although these are primarily targeted towards gamers. Ultrawide monitors are also a great option, as a single unit will take up less space than two smaller monitors.

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