Lenovo Laptop Warranty Protection for Peace of Mind

Lenovo offers you a broad range of options when trying to track down the right laptop for your needs. Regardless of your choice, you are walking away with a high-quality computer for work or play.
Once you bring your new Lenovo computer home, you still have something important to do. You’ll want to invest in the best Lenovo laptop with extended warranty protection. Like most hardworking people, you can’t afford to buy a computer and leave its long use up to fate. Despite the brand’s reputation, or the quality of the workmanship, anything can happen. And if it does, it usually happens after the manufacturer’s limited warranty expires.

What Is an Extended Warranty – Is It More Important than the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty?

As the name suggests, an extended warranty extends the manufacturer’s standard limited warranty, which covers only specified parts, certain types of defects, or other conditions, and goes above and beyond by adding accident protection from drops, bumps and spills.
With an extended warranty, you almost always gain several more substantial benefits than the manufacturer offers you. The manufacturer’s warranty is most ideal if there is a clear product defect. In that case, the sooner you find a defect, the better it is for you, but there is no way to know if you ever will find one. However, an extended warranty that you can choose from a big box store or a specialized extended warranty business like Upsie gives you peace of mind far beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
Extended warranties allow you to extend the initial warranty period as the manufacturer warranty comes to an end. With Upsie, you can buy your extended warranty up to 60 days after you purchase your new, used or refurbished Lenovo laptop. Once you purchase your Upsie laptop insurance, activate it by uploading a photo of your receipt into your Upsie account. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the receipt yourself.

Are Big Box Retailers’ Extended Warranties Worth the Investment?

Sometimes called protection plans, retailers’ extended warranties vary in terms of quality and coverage. Many customers feel the pressure to buy a warranty as they check out with their new laptop at a big box store. The fact is that many of these retailers make a substantial amount of their profits from upselling their insurance coverage. It’s why salespeople push you to buy them, and customers might ultimately pay a high cost for something they don’t know they will ever need. And after an expensive, the customer has spent half the cost of the computer they purchased and still have to worry about cracks, drops and spills for the rest of its lifecycle.

Are There Better Extended Warranty Options for Your Lenovo Laptop Purchase?

It is always better to search for a service like an extended warranty on your own, on your own time and without any pressure you might face at the cash register. You shouldn’t make a quick decision on something that could cost you $300 or more.
Doing your own research to find a high-quality warranty from a designated extended warranty provider is the best chance of finding a good insurance plan at a price you can afford. Better still, you don’t have to feel bad about spending money on a service that might sit idle when you can find the same coverage or better at a fraction of the price.

Upsie Offers You the Best Lenovo Extended Warranty Protection at a Reasonable Price

Everyone from small business owners, college students, independent professionals and gamers need a laptop that works well now and into the future. No matter how you plan to use your Lenovo laptop, you don’t want it to crash and burn, then be stuck with out-of-pocket repairs. With an Upsie Lenovo extended warranty, you can enjoy optimal coverage at an affordable price.
Here is coverage and features for a Lenovo laptop that costs between $500.00 and $749.99:
  • 2-year warranty with accident protection for $103.99 w/ $25 deductible
  • 3-year warranty with accident protection for $158.99 w/ $25 deductible
The coverage is thorough and transparent so you can carry on with your laptop productivity without worry. If you have any issues, you can submit a claim 24/7/365 with a real person. Once Upsie approves your claim, ship your computer in for repair, using a provided prepaid shipping label and box. Or if it is more convenient, you can have your Lenovo laptop repaired at a local, certified repair facility.
Contact Upsie to learn about more benefits to buying a Lenovo extended warranty!

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