What’s the Best Laptop for Back to School?

Laptops have become an almost indispensable tool for college students and now even for high school students. These days, even younger kids in middle and primary school take online classes, so almost all students need a reliable device in order to succeed. Before buying a back-to-school laptop, take a moment to review some good choices and learn how to protect a student’s laptop against wear and damage.

What’s the Best Back to School Laptop for Online Classes?

Students can choose between many different brands and products, depending upon their requirements and budget. CNET offered suggestions for some good student laptops to consider:
  • Apple MacBook Air: Expect to spend $999 on the base model, but add in another $100 to upgrade the processor. While this device costs somewhat more than many other student laptops, it comes with a retina display, the new Magic Keyboard, a Force Touch trackpad, lots of storage, and Apple’s reputation for quality.
  • Dell XPS 13: For a Windows operating system, consider this computer for a good balance of portability, price, and processing power. Anybody who’s owned an older Dell XPS 13 should know that this version is a little smaller but comes with a larger screen and more processing power.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro: This two-in-one option gives students both a laptop and tablet bundled in one package. Reviews say it functions somewhat better as a tablet than as a laptop, so some people may prefer Lenovo’s two-in-one, which appears to work better as a laptop than a tablet. This article offers some good information on laptops vs. tablets too.

Which Laptop Brand is the Most Reliable?

One survey compiled data from a large computer repair service to rank brands for reliability. Apple made the top of the list as the most reliable laptop brand. More reliable choices for Windows machines include Samsung, Lenovo/IBM, Microsoft, and Dell.

How Long Should Laptops Last?

Nobody can predict exactly how long a specific laptop will last. Of course, that also depends upon the way the laptop gets used and in some cases, a bit of luck. In general, on average laptops last between three to five years.

Which Laptop Should Parents Buy for a Younger Child?

An Acer Chromebook 514 makes a good choice for a robust, budget-friendly device for a younger child, priced at $279. The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex can provide a reliable Windows Machine for less than $900.

Which Laptop Should Parents Choose for Middle School Kids?

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 provides decent performance for less than $400. People with higher budgets may want to consider the new MacBook Air.

Which Laptop Suits High School Students

Again, the MacBook Air offers a good choice for families that don’t mind investing a little more in Apple products. For a less-expensive machine that offers a robust frame, colorful display, decent battery life, and many other great features, look into the Acer Aspire 5 NX-HDGAA-002 as a decent choice for high school students.

Do Hard Cases Protect Laptops?

Unless the student plans to study entirely through online cases, they’re probably going to take their laptop with them on the bus, in their backpack, and so on. This means that student devices are more likely to suffer from damage than machines that don’t move around as much.
If used correctly, a hard case can help protect a laptop against ordinary dings and scratches while it’s getting transported, though it probably will not provide enough protection to prevent damage from a hard fall.

Do Laptop Bags Provide Any Protection?

Good laptop bags can actually reduce the force of impact somewhat. Again, they probably won’t protect the device against a major impact but can provide some protection against a light bump. They can also keep the case from getting dented or scratched up if it’s carried within a backpack.

Is an Extended Warranty Worth the Cost for a Kid’s Laptop?

Upsie has outlined the reasons that everybody should buy an extended warranty for a laptop. That includes young children, older students, and adults. At the same time, most people would probably expect students to be a bit harder on their electronic devices than most adults, especially because they’re likely to carry them around so an extended warranty with accident protection can offer additional peace of mind.
A warranty from Upsie will protect laptops from all sorts of common hazards, like water spills and cracked screens. They also cost less than the extended warranties offered at the time of purchase. Learn more about laptop warranties from Upsie here.

Can I Buy an Extended Warranty for a Used Laptop?

Lots of people decide to purchase used or refurbished laptops to save money, especially when they need to purchase computers for younger kids. So long as the device comes with a 30-day seller warranty, Upsie will offer extended coverage on used computers.

Who Has the Best Laptop Insurance Plan?

Upsie warranties generally cost less and offer more kinds of protection than manufacturer’s or seller’s warranties. They also offer 24/7 customer service and a choice of local or mail-in service. This page explains the simple and carefree Upsie experience.
To start comparing Upsie warranty advantages for any particular type of laptop, use this to see what your warranty will cost.

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