Netgear Orbi 6E Router: A Step Forward for WiFi

Far too many issues contribute to frustratingly slow WiFi, but the router is one of the most common culprits. Thankfully, this is also among the easiest issues to fix. As new solutions emerge, homeowners can take advantage of lightning-fast internet without routers standing in the way.
Recently, two innovations have proven especially transformative: WiFi 6 and the concept of the mesh network. However, not every router makes it possible to take advantage of these opportunities.
Thankfully, an excellent option exists — Netgear’s newest Orbi 6E router, which can accommodate today’s most exciting tech updates. Many potential users have no idea this is available or that it might be a desirable solution in an ordinary home.
Ready to ditch the slow connection? Keep reading to learn all about Netgear’s approach to WiFi 6 and mesh routers and determine whether these new advances are worth the investment.

Netgear Orbi WiFi 6: The Next Generation

In the 1990s, upgrading from a 28.8 kbit/s modem to a 56 kbit/s setup made the internet experience feel a lot snappier. An even bigger leap arrived when the market ditched dial-up connections in favor of high-speed broadband. While WiFi 6 may not feel like a big step forward, the speed increase is still sizable.
The previous generation of WiFi topped out at 3.5 Gbps — a speed that nearly every home WiFi user was incapable of achieving. The more realistic speed was mostly in the 2.5 Gbps range. With WiFi 6, maximum speeds have nearly tripled to reach an astounding 9.6 Gbps. Again, this maximum speed is unlikely to be achieved by residential internet users, but more realistic rates in the 8 Gbps range hold exciting possibilities.
Netgear’s Orbi routers are capable of even faster speeds, as they utilize the WiFi 6E standard. While understanding the intricacies of WiFi 6E requires a deeper dive into the technology, consumers in the market for a lightning-fast router can rest assured that Netgear’s Orbi delivers in spades.

Mesh Routers: How Are They Better Than Traditional Routers?

WiFi is amazing when it works. However, it can turn online game sessions sour or completely derail Zoom meetings when it doesn’t. Dead zones inside large houses or apartments with quirky layouts can be frustrating, but mesh routers present a viable solution.
The mesh concept combines two or more access points to bring WiFi coverage to areas that need it the most. With Netgear’s Orbi, a router is paired with two satellite units to blanket an area up to 9,000 square feet. Users can dispatch more satellites to provide even better coverage. This is great for bringing the internet to outdoor areas, basements, attics, or detached garages.

Netgear Orbi AXE11000 Mesh Router Specs

Netgear has been a leader in home networking innovations for years. Thanks to the impressive package Netgear has put together with the Orbi mesh router, that trend is poised to continue. Connecting up to four different wired LAN devices is a breeze on the Ethernet switch. Each Orbi satellite also can receive three different connected devices. With this setup, video game consoles can be connected via an Ethernet cable to one of the Orbi satellites, ensuring fast connections and amazing download speeds.
All this cutting-edge internet technology comes at a steep price. The Netgear Orbi AXE11000 retails for $1,499 — a price that might be hard for some consumers to stomach. However, for others, there’s no question as to whether it’s worthwhile.
For example, this will appeal to anyone in a large household in which multiple members work remotely (perhaps while others stream HD videos or play online games). In addition, with so much brand-new technology packed into the hardware, it’s the closest thing to a future-proof router solution currently available today.

Summing It Up: Is the Netgear Orbi Necessary?

Mesh routers are not for everyone. Their design brings WiFi to out-of-reach places. In some situations, a standard connection is perfectly fine. For example, those living in small spaces can stick with a basic router or lease something simple from an ISP. For others, a mesh system is a perfect solution to long-term internet woes. Access to blazing-fast WiFi from anywhere in the house could be a huge selling point for some consumers.
Routers have become an integral part of online life, so it’s only appropriate to protect this investment with an Upsie extended warranty. While big-box retailers and manufacturers offer flimsy protection for inflated prices, Upsie makes the process simple and affordable. With easy-to-understand terms and conditions along with great rates, there’s no reason to skip out on protecting valuable technology.

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