Look at TCL’s First Personal Computer: TCL Book 14 Go

Most people think of TCL as a computer company. That’s understandable because the manufacturer grew quickly to dominate the low-priced television market. Besides selling under its own brand, TCL also manufactures TVs and components for other large manufacturers, like Samsung.
TCL’s reputation might expand beyond televisions soon. This manufacturer recently showcased their first laptop computer, called the TCL Book 14 Go. The company also plans to release an assortment of tablet computers. Find out if these upcoming products will make the company as well known for computers as TV sets.

The TCL Book 14 Go

As with their TV sets, TCL designed the TCL Book 14 Go to appeal to people who want an affordable Windows laptop. According to Engadget, the TCL Book 14 Go will retail for only $349, making it particularly economical for a Windows computer.
Some basic specs of the TCL Book 14 Go include:
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 12GB
  • Display: 14.1 inch
TCL developed this laptop with students in mind, though it would appeal to many people who want a portable and economical PC. The company says the company will provide portability, a long battery life, and a comfortable screen. The Book 14 Go includes 4G connectivity, a 12-hour estimated battery life, and a body that weighs less than three pounds. TCL offers a Snapdragon 7c chipset for processing power, commonly found on more affordable computers.

TCL Plans to Enter the Tablet Computer Market Too

Besides the Book 14 Go laptop, TCL also has several tablet computers in the pipeline. These new tablets include:
  • TCL calls its new 8.8-inch tablet NXTPAPER. It’s easy on the eyes but requires ambient light in dark conditions. Engadget described the display as resembling color paper, and TCL used low-power LCD technology to achieve this experience. Expect it to retail for $249.
  • Besides NXTPAPER, TCL will also offer two budget-friendly tablets. These include the TAB 8 4G for $129 and the TAB 10L for $99.
  • In addition, TCL plans to release a trio of low-priced, kid-friendly tablets that will support a subscriber-based library of books, apps, and videos.
Expect this child-friendly subscription service to cost $4 a month. TCL will also release this same service for its new laptop.

Will the New TCL Book 14 Go Offer Good Value?

The new TCL computers look like decent, low-priced options for people who want to buy a Windows 11 computer or Android tablet. In addition, judging by the company’s reputation for TVs, these machines will probably offer good choices for their price range.

The Best TCL Book 14 Go Computer Extended Warranty

Even though TCL earned a reputation for making affordable TVs and electronics, they offer good value and durability for the price. Still, computers intended chiefly for students tend to test the limits of durability. Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s warranty only protects these devices against factory defects.
For better protection, consider Upsie. Upsie offers the best warranties for TCL computers. Some of the benefits customers gain when they purchase an Upsie warranty include:
  • An Upsie extended warranty for TCL computers will provide assurance against unexpected repair bills, and the 24-7 live claims specialist will help expedite fast and high-quality repairs.
  • Customers can pick local repair shops or take advantage of Upsie’s mail-in service centers. Upsie will even pay for two-day postage both ways.
Upsie allows customers to purchase in warranty protection up to 60 days after buying their computer, covering new and qualified used devices. In addition, Upsie’s warranty plans cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers or manufacturers. With Upsie, customers gain reliable, intuitive, and comprehensive protection.

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