Compare Windows 11 Home Versus Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro are two options available to consumers when downloading the new operating system. Both are substantial upgrades over the existing Windows 10; however, how do you pick between Home and Pro? This guide will help you make the best decision for your laptop or PC.

Do Microsoft Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro Cost Anything?

Microsoft offers Windows 11 for free to anybody who already has Windows 10 installed. According to PC World, it looks like machines with an existing installation of Windows 10 Pro also have the option to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro for free. Otherwise, the upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Windows 11 Pro will probably cost $99.
Some expensive Windows workstations included Windows 10 Pro with the original purchase, but otherwise, standalone versions cost $199. Of course, standalone versions of Windows 10 cost $139, but almost every manufacturer includes the operating system with a computer purchase.

Compare Windows 11 Home Vs. Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 Home offers a substantial upgrade over Windows 10 Home. Some examples include a new Microsoft Store with Android apps, vital desktops, a native version of Microsoft Teams, widgets, and improved gaming features. For anyone who wonders if they should bother to upgrade, Microsoft published a handy checklist for comparison.
Look at some key differences between Windows 11 Home and Pro:
  • Security: Windows 11 Home offers several security features, including internet protection, parental controls, and device encryption. The Pro version adds BitLocker device encryption and Windows Information Protection.
  • Business deployment: The Pro offers a suite of business tools that the home version does not include. A couple of examples include Assigned Access, a feature that allows different users access to a distinct set of apps. The Pro also includes Kiosk Mode Setup. This feature allows remote configuration of the device.

Is an Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro Worth the Investment?

Organizations that plan to allow multiple employees or even non-employees use the same machine should consider the benefits of Windows 11 Pro.
This list highlights examples of the benefits of Windows 11 Pro for larger businesses:
  • This upgraded operating system makes provisioning and securing a machine for multiple users or multiple devices at the same time much more efficient.
  • Pro also offers additional business-class security features, like the ability to instantly put a device on lockdown and prevent enterprise data leaks.
In contrast, people who buy PCs for personal use or small businesses will probably find that Windows 11 Home offers everything they need.

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