The Best Blender Model for Your Lifestyle

Blenders take ordinary fruits and vegetables and turn them into tasty treats and delicious smoothies. It's no wonder, then, that these devices have become so popular with health-conscious consumers with little time to spare.
With so many different blenders available from several manufacturers, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer range of options. As such, we've compiled a list of the best blenders available this year so that you can skip the research and put more time into creating your favorite blended beverage.

The Spare No Expense Option: Vitamix 5200 Professional

Vitamix specializes in premium products — and at $480, the 5200 model is one of the most expensive units. There's a lot to love about this model, but one feature in particular really helps it stand out: friction heating, in which the blades spin so fast that they heat up food within minutes.
As such, this model is a great choice for those looking to make not only cold drinks and smoothies but also soups and other piping hot concoctions. Yes, it costs more than many blenders — but for the true blender enthusiast, it's a price worth paying.

The Retro Choice: Smeg Blender

The Smeg Blender is perfect for those looking to bring a little retro 50s charm to their kitchen. Smeg has gained momentum in the kitchen thanks to the old-time look of its products. But the Smeg Blender offers function as well as form. With three preset functions and four speed settings capable of pulverizing everything from ice to melon rinds, the Smeg Blender earns its $299 price. It comes in nine different colors, so there is certainly one to match your kitchen decor.

The Hot Option: Ninja Foodi Power Blender

Customers can find Ninja blenders just about anywhere — and the Foodi is quickly becoming one of the iconic brand's most popular options. For $149, the Foodi can handle many of the most impressive tasks associated with the more expensive Vitamix. In fact, the Ninja can slice, shred, grate and blend everything from fresh fruit to ice with no problem.

The Colorful Option: KitchenAid K40

Another pick for the stylish chef, the KitchenAid K400 is similar to the Smeg in style and performance. In addition, it has a modest price tag of $229. The Soft Start feature is a nice touch, as it helps to avoid splatter by starting slow and then ramping up the speed. This durable blender can hold up to heavy use, with enthusiasts claiming it feels a lot like the solid designs typically found in commercial settings.

The On-The-Go Option: Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro

It's hard to stick to healthy eating habits while traveling, but the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro just might make this common problem a thing of the past. Small enough to fit in a backpack or luggage, this portable blender can whip up smoothies and shakes within minutes. The included 24-ounce cup and spout lid system make it a breeze to snap on the lid and take your freshly made creation with you. For only $99.99, the Nutri-Blender Pro is another fine option from the folks at Ninja.

The Budget-Friendly Option: Cuisinart Hurricane

Sometimes, all you need is a basic, dependable blender made to last. That's what you'll get with the Cuisinart Compact Portable Blender. There are no presets to choose from, nor are there fancy heating elements. The only options are high, low and pulse for no-nonsense blending at a reasonable price of $79.95.

Protecting Your Blender With an Extended Warranty

Regardless of which blender you choose, it's important to protect your investment with a blender extended warranty. Upsie offers warranties that protect your blenders and other kitchen appliances, ensuring you can cook and blend without worrying.
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Equipped with an extended warranty, you can take even greater confidence in the future of your kitchen and your diet. Choose Upsie for the best protection for your kitchen appliances.

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