ILIFE V3s Pro Versus Roomba 675 Cordless Vacuums

Roomba was once the go-to brand for robotic vacuums. Now, competition from ILIFE and others means that’s no longer the case. Ultimately, there’s never been a bigger range of products available. Of course, this begs several vital questions, chief among which concerns choosing between the likes of ILIFE’s V3s Pro and Roomba’s top-selling 675 robotic vacuum.

Differences Between Roomba 675 and ILIFE V3s Pro

Looks-wise, there’s no escaping the similarities between the Roomba 675 and ILIFE V3s Pro – something that’s true of most robotic vacuums. By default, the Roomba 675 comes in gloss black, while the ILIFE V3s Pro gets a crisp white finish.
It’s inside and underneath where they mainly differ, with various factors setting the two robotic vacuum cleaners apart. Crucially, there’s also a sizable price difference.


With that, price is a great place to start when comparing the Roomba 675 and ILIFE V3s Pro. It’ll likely come as no surprise to most people that the famously expensive market-leader Roomba’s 675 costs more than the ILIFE V3s Pro. Accordingly, the 675 gets an MSRP of $274.99, while the V3s Pro’s MSRP is just $164.99.
And while Roomba rarely offers discounts on its best-selling products, the same isn’t true of ILIFE. In fact, the V3s Pro is potentially available for as little as $120. On that basis, it’s hard to argue with the ILIFE V3s Pro as far as pricing goes.


When it comes to features, things become more complicated. Given its significantly higher price, one might expect the Roomba 675 to be somewhat more feature-packed. And while it does outshine the ILIFE V3s Pro in some areas, the two are surprisingly similar across the board.
While neither may replace an existing upright vacuum, both get customizable scheduling, anti-cliff sensors, and automatic recharging. That’s along with around a dozen other very similar key selling points. In terms of notable differences, the Roomba’s bin size is approximately ten percent larger. It also has a built-in dirt sensor that the V3s Pro lacks.
However, despite being lighter, the ILIFE option boasts a significantly larger and thus longer-lasting battery. The V3s Pro also comes with a remote control, while the costlier Roomba doesn’t. That said, the internet-enabled 675 works with Roomba’s clever smartphone app and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
There’s arguably significant value to be seen in this Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Whether it’s worth the roughly $150 potential difference in price, though, will be a matter of personal opinion.


The ILIFE V3s Pro’s larger battery means that the cheaper of the two robot vacuum cleaners performs better in terms of running time. Elsewhere, suction power is identical, and while the V3s Pro is slightly quieter in operation, the Roomba 675’s fractionally larger bin means it needs emptying less frequently. The Roomba’s navigation abilities are arguably superior to those found on the ILIFE as well.
Still, both models promise to tackle hard floors and low-pile carpets with automatic, spot, and edge cleaning modes. At the same time, neither is marketed as suitable for thicker carpets. The Roomba also boasts an intensive setting, but lacks the two side brushes and washable filter found on the ILIFE V3s Pro. Instead, it receives just a single side brush and utilizes exclusively replaceable filters not designed for washing.

ILIFE V3s Pro vs. Roomba 675: Which to Buy?

For the money, it’s hard to argue with what the ILIFE V3s Pro offers. Significantly cheaper, only those requiring internet connectivity are likely to see the benefit of shelling out on the much more expensive Roomba 675.
Particularly at as little as $120, the ILIFE V3s Pro is, therefore, the obvious choice, and the robot vacuum that’s most likely to suit the greatest number of buyers.

Robot Vacuum Warranty

Both the Roomba 675 and ILIFE V3s Pro come with just one-year limited warranties. Thankfully, it’s possible to upgrade these with Upsie. Upsie plans are up to 70 percent more affordable than other options. In addition, Upsie’s extended appliance warranty packages are comparable or superior to those sold by manufacturers and retailers alike.
By cutting out the middleman, Upsie passes savings directly to their customers. Small appliance warranties are available for all vacuum cleaner makes and models, including the ILIFE V3s Pro and Roomba 675.
Coverage with Upsie includes protection against manufacturing defects, power failures, and other non-accidental faults. With no deductible to pay, claims are unlimited up to a product’s purchase price, too, with eligibility open to most small appliances purchased in the last 60 days.

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