Top Reasons to Invest in a Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a clean house every day. This fresh feel is even more satisfying if somebody else is responsible for cleaning. While many families cannot afford a housekeeper to tidy up, the next best thing may be within reach. A Shark robot vacuum can keep floors clean while staying out of the way — and can even get the job done under the cover of night.
For all its advantages, the Shark robot vacuum cleaner can require a fairly sizable investment. As such, it’s important to feel 100 percent confident in this purchase. To help, we’ve outlined the essentials worth knowing about these time-saving suction machines — and how easy they are to own and maintain.

The Best Shark Robot Vacuum: Shark AI Robot Self-Empty XL

An outdated assumption about robot vacuums: those unfamiliar with these devices assume that they simply bump around the edges of a room and aren’t all that smart. This couldn’t be further from the truth with Shark’s AI Robot XL model. The unit maps entire floors and spaces while it cleans. It’s also smart enough to know which areas to avoid.
For example: the Shark robotic vacuum won’t attempt to go over an air vent or other grated surface. It also knows when to cut a route short to avoid bumping into furniture, houseplants, or other objects that might be resting on the floor.
Numerous approaches are available for operating the Shark AI Robot XL. Once voice activation is set up in the Shark app, users can simply demand the machine get to work. Otherwise, the app can be used to designate a specific cleaning schedule. Want to clean the kitchen floor every morning at 2 am? The app makes this possible.
Skeptics often point to the small, compact design of robot vacuums as proof that they cannot possibly be effective at actually picking up dirt and dust. For decades, the cliched vision of a good vacuum was that of a hulking machine that scares pets as it groans across the floor. Those days are over. The Shark AI Robot XL picks up all kinds of household debris without causing a commotion. While it does tend to get noisy on hard surfaces, this is arguably a small price to pay for hands-off cleaning.
After the Shark AI Robot XL has done its rounds, it goes back to rest in the base. Once there, the machine automatically empties its contents. While human interaction is eventually needed to empty the base, this only needs to be done on occasion. Otherwise, the base is large enough to store quite a bit of dirt and debris. The bagless storage system makes emptying the unit simple — and its closed nature makes it friendly for allergy sufferers.

The Price is Right

The old expression “time is money” fits perfectly when evaluating the value proposition of a robot vacuum. Consumers must ask themselves if they are willing to pay a little more for convenience. In the case of the Shark AI Robot XL, the answer for most will be a resounding yes.
The unit retails for $649 but can often be found on sale for as low as $549. While this is definitely higher than the price of many traditional upright vacuums, it’s lower than some premium offerings. Models from Dyson, LG, and especially Kirby can cost upwards of $2,500. With these models, high prices don’t even deliver the convenience of robotic operation. Granted, these are great vacuums, but they certainly don’t have the cool factor of a Shark robot vacuum.
If $649 is too much for some consumers to spend, they’ll be happy to discover that other excellent options exist. The more affordable Shark EZ checks in at $399, while the Shark ION is even more affordable at $199. These units aren’t as feature-rich as the Shark AI Robot XL, but they are great devices nonetheless.

Keep Shark Vacuum Cleaners Moving With Upsie Extended Warranties

While robot vacuums are smart enough to avoid many forms of danger, these devices are by no means perfect. An extended robot vac warranty from Upsie is a valuable investment. Featuring easy-to-understand terms and conditions — along with great prices — a dependable Upsie extended warranty is the perfect complement to a robot vacuum.

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