Upsie Versus Lowes Extended Warranty Plans

When you purchase an appliance or tool from Lowes, you can add on the Lowes extended warranty. The warranty lasts up to five years and extends coverage from the limited warranty. However, this warranty isn’t your best option. Keep reading to learn more about Upsie’s extended warranties and why Upsie is a better warranty plan.

Does Lowes Offer an Extended Warranty?

Lowes offers extended warranties for large appliances, small appliances, and tools bought from the store. You can purchase the warranty in-store or online, but you must buy the warranty at the same time as the appliance or tool. This leaves little room for flexibility.

The plan extends the manufacturer’s warranty which often lasts 12 months or less. It ensures you get lasting protection for the plan length that you select — often two to five years.

How Much Does the Lowes Extended Warranty Cost?

The Lowes extended warranty cost depends on the price of the appliance or tool. For example, a warranty for a $450 large appliance would cost $86.97 for three years and $129.97 for five years. A three-year warranty for a $2,000 large appliance will cost $179.97, and a five-year warranty will cost $294.97.

None of Lowes’ extended warranties have deductibles, which means you’ll pay a single one-time payment for your appliance or tool.

Do You Have to Buy Lowes Extended Warranty?

Although Lowes offers the warranty at checkout, customers do not need to purchase it. Lowes tries to pressure customers to purchase the warranty by only offering it once. This means they won’t get the chance to compare the warranty coverage and cost to other warranties on the market. It’s sneaky and not very customer friendly.

Instead of buying the warranty at Lowes, consider an independent warranty provider like Upsie. Upsie ensures that you have time to compare warranty costs and doesn’t pressure you to buy something you might regret later. With Upsie, you can purchase a warranty for large appliances bought in the last 11 months. For small appliance warranties, you have up to 60 days.

How Does Upsie Compare to Lowes Extended Warranty?

Upsie offers comparable warranty coverage that costs less and is more reliable than warranties from Lowes. Here's how Upsie compares to Lowes extended warranties based on price, coverage, and transparency.

Upsie Verus Lowes Warranty: Price

Compared to some retailers, Lowes’ warranties are well-priced. However, many of the warranties are still more expensive than the same warranty from Upsie.

For example, while a Lowes three-year warranty for a $450 appliance costs $86.97, the same warranty from Upsie costs just $67.99. Another example is Lowes’ warranty for a $2,000 large appliance, which costs $294.97 for five years. In contrast, the Upsie alternative costs just $278.99 for five years.

Upsie Verus Lowes Warranty: Coverage

Both plans offer similar coverage. With either warranty, you can expect coverage from mechanical failure, power failure, heating and cooling issues, drain failure, and more. Both Upsie and Lowes extend the original warranty. In addition, both plans offer a Food Loss Benefit to reimburse you if you lose food when a refrigerator breaks.

With Upsie, customers can make 24/7/365 unlimited claims up to the purchase price. Upsie also doesn't have deductibles for any of their appliance or tools warranties.

Upsie Verus Lowes Warranty: Transparency

Upsie has transparent warranties with clear pricing written in simple terms. Upsie’s goal is to make warranties that are easier for customers to understand, buy and use. To view a Lowes warranty online, you need to already have the item in your cart.

Protect Your Tools and Appliances With Upsie

Upsie offers the best warranties at the best prices for tools and appliances. For large appliances, Upsie will help arrange in-home repairs from a certified technician. Plus, Upsie covers all service fees and parts. If the cost of the repair doesn’t make sense, Upsie will offer a replacement on the first claim.

You can purchase a warranty for your appliance or tool by visiting Upsie’s website. They make it easy to find warranties for all of the devices in your home. In addition, Upsie’s policies are written clearly on the site and pricing is easy to understand! Get comprehensive protection when you choose to protect your appliances and tools with Upsie.

In addition, Upsie also has warranties for tablets, laptops, smart home tech, and more.

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