How to Choose the Best Leaf Blower for Any Job

Today’s leaf blowers can do a lot more than pack fallen leaves into manageable piles. Examples of alternate users for these handy machines include clearing debris off the driveway and blow-drying a car after washing it. CNET suggested using a leaf blower to remove a light dusting of snow from the driveway or patio too. Almost everybody pulls out their leaf blower during autumn, but many households find uses for it in the winter, summer, and spring.

How to Purchase the Best Leaf Blower

Once people discover how to use their leaf blower, they seldom regret the time they took to search for the best one for their own unique needs. To uncover the perfect choice, first compare the three kinds of leaf blowers.

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Gas leaf blowers also come in three types, including handheld, backpack, and wheeled models. No matter the size, gasoline engines generally provide more power than those that run on electricity or battery power. On the downside, gas engines also require more maintenance, plus the owner needs to keep them fueled.
Professional landscapers and DIY types with large properties tend to choose gas-powered leaf blowers. For frequent use, the power and flexibility of these machines outweigh the extra effort to maintain and fuel them.

Electric Leaf Blower

Handheld electric leaf blowers work almost as well as comparably sized gas-powered models. Plus, they’re generally lighter, mainly because they also don’t need to carry fuel around.
The length of the cord and placement of outlets will limit a corded leaf blower’s range. On the other hand, electric blowers require very little maintenance and no fuel storage. Typically, electric leaf blowers cost less, but owners might also want to invest in an outdoor extension cord.

Rechargeable Leaf Blowers

Handheld rechargeable leaf blowers weigh somewhat more than corded models, primarily because of the weight of the battery. Typical models can only work for about half an hour on a charge, so some people end up buying a second battery.
Suitable rechargeable leaf blowers cost more than electric or gas and buying the machine plus an extra battery could mean spending double the cost of a comparable electric model. Still, they offer freedom from cords, and they’re also more convenient to use and maintain than gas-powered machines.

How to Choose the Best Leaf Blower

Beyond the basic kinds of leaf blowers, many models come with extra features. For instance, some leaf blowers include a vacuum mode that can suck leaves and debris into a bag. These days, plenty of gas-powered machines offer an electric starter.
Otherwise, people who don’t want to spend much time maintaining their leaf blowers and care for more modest properties will probably find an electric or battery leaf blower satisfactory. Consider a gas mower for larger or multiple properties. The overall efficiency can make up for some minor inconveniences.

When to Shop for Leaf Blower Deals

The spring and fall usually offer an excellent chance to find the best deals on lawnmowers. Consumer Reports said that retailers want to move inventory before and after the height of the lawnmower season in the summer. Similarly, look for deals on leaf blowers in the summer months leading up to autumn and after the snowfalls.

How to Buy the Best Leaf Blower Warranty

Protecting your leaf blower with an extended warranty can help you avoid repair and replacement costs. Like all outdoor tools, leaf blowers are prone to damage. Luckily, an Upsie extended warranty for leaf blowers can protect your investment by ensuring prompt access to deductible-free repairs.
Customers can choose between two-year or three-year protection plans and protect their leak blower from mechanical failure, power failure, and heating and cooling issues. In addition, Upsie’s warranties often cost up to 70 percent less than warranties offered by competitors. With Upsie, customers get the best protection possible for the best price on the market.

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