5 Common Habits That Drain Smartphone Batteries Faster

Almost all new smartphone releases promote larger and longer-lasting batteries. Even so, popular apps keep making phones more versatile. Sometimes these apps drain smartphone batteries, along with watching videos, browsing the internet, and communicating. Still, just a few changes to the way people use their phones can help preserve battery life.

Five Ways to Make Smartphone Batteries Last Longer on a Charge

Do people need to buy a new phone when frustrated with their old device's battery life? First, try these five simple remedies so you do not drain your smartphone batteries.

Tip #1: Reboot the Phone

This first suggestion might appear too simple to work. Still, a reboot might close power-draining apps that run in the background or weren't correctly closed after use. According to ZDNet, restarting the phone will often fix problems with battery usage and should be the first troubleshooting step. With most phones, press the power button until a restart option appears, select that option, and then wait for the phone to wake back up.

Tip #2: Update Apps

Most people should adjust their options so apps can automatically update. Otherwise, manually clear any update notices. Sometimes, developers fix problems that cause the apps to use too much power. In any case, app updates may fix critical security issues, so every smartphone user should stay on top of the latest version.

Tip #3: Update the Operating System

Again, either set the phone to update automatically or accept operating system updates promptly. These OS releases may fix security issues and provide code modifications to help the operating system function more efficiently.

Tip #4: Shut Down Battery Drains When Not in Use

Many phone users keep certain features on when they're not in use, but these apps still drain power. Some common examples include turning off GPS and automatic email refreshes. Reducing screen brightness can also help.

Tip #5: Rely on Battery-Saving Apps

Apps might drain batteries, but a few apps can also help preserve charges longer. For example, Battery HD will track battery usage and help users figure out which apps to turn off to help maintain their battery life. Check out Battery HD for Android or iOS.

Can Smartphone Users Always Fix Battery Problems?

The tips above should help preserve battery life in smartphones that do not suffer from any other problems. Sometimes, wear or defects in either the smartphone or the battery might present a situation that requires a qualified repair technician and new parts to address.
Replacement batteries may cost up to $100, and this does not include labor charges. The manufacturer's warranty might cover some or all of the cost, but if the warranty expires, the smartphone owner will need to pay for this service out of their pocket.

How a Smartphone Extended Warranty Can Preserve Battery and Phone Life

Some smartphone users feel reluctant to seek repairs because they don't know where to find qualified technicians or worry about repair bills. An Upsie smartphone subscription warranty offers peace of mind and assurance that the smartphone and its battery provide peak performance.
For just $9.99 per month, Upsie offers robust protection against wear, accidents, and defects. Upsie smartphone insurance covers batteries, screens, and much more. All customers have access to 24-7 claims representatives by phone and can choose between local and mail-in services. Purchase Upsie warranties for smartphones bought at any time, including new, used, and old phones.

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