iPhone 14 Rumors Already Circulating in 2021

The new iPhone 13 series has just been released, which means it will be almost an entire year before the public sees the iPhone 14. So you might think it’s a little early to start speculating about what next year’s iPhone 14 lineup is going to look like, but the Apple rumor mill hasn’t slowed one bit.
There are already all sorts of juicy rumors flying about Apple‘s next round of iPhones, slated for a fall 2022 release. Some of these rumors are holdovers from previous years and rumored features that didn’t make it into the iPhone 13. Other rumors are brand-new.
While it’s far too early to bank on any of these things with certainty, here are the top rumors surrounding 2022’s iPhone 14.

Updated Body Style

The iPhone 12 introduced a new, flatter, square body style, and this year’s iPhone 13 line is nearly identical in terms of aesthetic.
Multiple sources predict that Apple plans to alter this design at least slightly for the iPhone 14. What exactly this means is far from clear, though. Jon Prosser asserts that the design will keep the current aesthetic but with some noticeable updates. For example, the phones might be thicker to reduce or eliminate the camera bump.

Portless Design?

Rumors have swirled for a while that Apple might finally remove the Lightning port from a future iPhone. However, with wireless charging and now MagSafe, a power port isn’t a requirement any longer for charging purposes. And few iPhone users ever bother to dock or set up their iPhone over USB.
Could next year be the year Apple ditches the port? Maybe. If nothing else, the EU’s demands for Apple to ditch Lightning for USB-C could lead the company to ditch ports altogether.
Rate this rumor as “too early to trust,” but be prepared for the possibility at the same time.

ProMotion for All

Apple introduced ProMotion (essentially a variable refresh rate that can reach 120Hz) for the Pro versions of the iPhone 13. The company may keep that distinction in 2022, or it could push ProMotion across its entire lineup.
The latter move would make sense: Android flagships haven’t been running at a mere 60Hz in several years.

No Notch?

The much-maligned notch got smaller for the iPhone 13, but could it disappear entirely for the iPhone 14? It’s possible, according to MacRumors.
According to some iPhone 14 rumors, Apple is rumored to be working on under-display Face ID tech. If the company achieves this, expect at least some iPhone 14 models to be notchless, with a hole punch for the selfie camera.

New Sizes, and No More Mini

Fans of the smaller iPhone Mini (and smaller flagship phones in general) will mourn the loss, but it appears that the Mini will disappear from the lineup with next year’s refresh.
MacRumors expects that there will be four models in two sizes next year: a regular and a Pro version of the standard 6.1-inch iPhone, along with regular and Pro versions of the 6.7-inch Max iPhone. This is a notable development: for several years, the only way to get the largest screen was to pay north of $1000 for a premium (Pro) flagship. A non-pro big iPhone would certainly be an attractive option for many.
That said, it’s still extremely early in the refresh cycle. Models and available sizes are two areas where Apple could surprise its customers.

Unchanged Pricing

If Apple sticks with its regular/Pro/Pro Max sizes, expect pricing to stay consistent (barring any supply chain or inflationary issues over the coming year).
The wild card here is the rumored regular “iPhone 14 Max.” Apple’s standard pricing conventions would place this model $100 higher than the iPhone 14, giving a potential spread that looks like this:
  • iPhone 14: $799
  • iPhone 14 Max: $899
  • iPhone 14 Pro: $999
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1099
That’s a tidy spread of starting price points, but none of them are cheap. At prices that high, you’ll want to be sure you add an appropriate extended warranty plan. (Pro tip: the best rates aren’t with AppleCare+.)

In-Screen Touch ID

Another persistent rumor that hasn’t quite materialized yet is in-screen Touch ID. Next year could be the year, especially if Apple succeeds in eliminating the notch.
In-screen Touch ID is a deceptively complex technological feat, and it’s not entirely clear why Apple wants it (or if they even really do). It could replace Face ID entirely (though this seems unlikely). It could also serve as a backup authenticator, or perhaps users will get to choose their preferred method.

Final Thoughts on iPhone 14 Rumors

2022 looks to be an exciting year for iPhone fans, with a smattering of rumored upgrades that far outpace iPhone 13.
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