What Are the Most Durable Smartphones for 2022?

Most smartphone users buy a phone, slide it into a case, add a screen protector, and figure they have covered the essentials to protect their device. A case and a screen protector should offer enough protection against accidental bumps or scratches for typical phone users. In addition, manufacturers keep making standard phones more durable, so they shouldn't succumb to minor bumps, scratches, or splashes like they used to.
Some manufacturers produce durable phones that can withstand extreme environmental conditions, unusual stress, and submergence in liquid. After all, many people carry phones along to job sites or on outdoor adventures. In this case, a thin screen protector and plastic case won't offer enough protection.

The Most Durable Smartphones on the Market for 2022

Several companies produce rugged phone models. These durable smartphones often also offer additional features that their users are likely to value. See how well these highly-rated smartphones can hold up during adventures or for some, a typical day on the job.

AGM Glory G1 Pro

Digital Camera World ranked AGM's Glory G1 Pro at the top of the list for rugged smartphones. Advantages include:
  • A very loud ringer
  • An exemplary thermal imaging camera.
  • Temperature resistance as low as -40 degrees
This 5G smartphone also comes with a compass, an infrared camera, a radio, and an accelerometer. As one might expect from such a durable phone, it's relatively heavy at about 13 ounces. Still, the Glory G1 Pro offers durability and many unique features for about $830. AGM sells the phone's charging deck separately.

Nokia XR20

TechRadar ranked the Nokia XR20 at the top of its list of durable phones, though Digital Camera put it in second place behind the AGM device. Mostly, the editors at TechRadar liked that Nokia promised to release updates to the OS for three years and security updates for four years. Nokia will also replace the screen for the first year.
The Nokia XR20 weighs less than nine ounces, making it considerably lighter than the Glory G1 Pro. It's also significantly cheaper, with a retail price of about $550. The XR20 comes with an IP68 and MIL-STD-810 rating, plus it features a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus screen.

Motorola Defy

People who need to buy a rugged phone while sticking to a budget will appreciate the $299 price of the Motorola Defy. This durable smartphone weighs a little over eight ounces and comes with a Gorilla Glass Victus display.
It's also compliant with MIL-STD-810G standards and has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance. Other features include proximity and fingerprint sensors, a compass, and an accelerometer. Check with phone service providers to ensure they offer coverage, as it's still not always supported.

The Best Protection for Durable Smartphones

Buying a durable phone and taking reasonable precautions will help guard against accidental damage. Still, it can't offer a guarantee. Besides drops, spills, or extreme temperatures, smartphones may suffer damage from wear or even subtle defects that don't appear until the manufacturer's warranty has expired. After all, no manufacturer has yet made a phone entirely indestructible.
Anybody who plans to invest in a durable, high-quality phone should consider pairing their device with the best extended warranty for smartphones from Upsie. Upsie offers a Smartphone Subscription Warranty with comprehensive protection. In addition to protection against damage from accidents, power shorts, and connectivity, camera, or sensor issues, Upsie offers 24-7 live claims support by phone and a choice of mail-in or local repairs from certified technicians. Upsie sells warranties directly to customers to keep prices lower than its competition.
Still on the fence about purchasing a durable phone? Upsie's protection can give smartphone buyers the confidence to buy the best device for their needs.

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