How to Choose the Perfect Smartphone Case

With today's range-topping handsets costing over $1,000, the perfect smartphone case has never been more important. The latest smartphones are more durable than ever. But while they're designed to stand up to day-to-day life, they're far from indestructible. Knocks and small drops may not be an issue. However, more serious accidents can still prove catastrophic.
One of the best ways to help safeguard against such eventualities is with a suitable smartphone case. However, there's no one-size-fits-all option. At the same time, the best smartphone cases often have a few all-important things in common.

Buy a Model-Specific Smartphone Case

It may go without saying, but the best smartphone case is always one explicitly designed for a given handset. In the past, many cell phone cases would fit multiple models. As a result, the fit sometimes wasn't the best. Now, case manufacturers design versions for every major smartphone model, from Apple's iPhone 13 to the Galaxy S22 from Samsung.

Strike a Balance

Almost all smartphone cases protect against damage, first and foremost. This protection typically relies on one or more rugged materials to help shield a smartphone from accidents. Yet one of the main reasons many people opt not to use a smartphone case in the first instance is the added bulk.
Accordingly, there's a fine line between achieving adequate protection and adding unnecessarily to the overall size of a handset. Thankfully, smartphone case manufacturers are now employing various cutting-edge materials to accomplish this. As a result, the best cases are slim and highly resistant to the most common forms of damage.

Don't Forget a Screen Protector

Without a screen, any smartphone is useless. So, while it's vital to protect a handset as a whole, paying particular attention to its display must be a priority. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is with a screen protector.
Many of the best smartphone cases now come with a screen protector as standard. For those that don't, an ever-growing number of options are available separately. Either way, look for one that uses tempered glass or a similar material. That way, screens aren't just shielded from minor scuffs and scrapes – they're also protected from deeper scratches and more severe damage.

Look For Added Value With a Smartphone Case

Some smartphone cases do more than just protect a handset from accidental damage. Think interchangeable clip-on camera lenses and built-in stands. These and other similar features mean that a case can help protect a smartphone and make it more usable overall.
While most of today's smartphones are waterproof out of the box, various cases offer an additional degree of waterproofing. With that, handsets can be used in scenarios and environments that they aren't necessarily designed to operate in by default.

Explore Form and Function

In addition to looking for added value, also be sure to consider both form and function. Many of the toughest and most robust cases are very utilitarian-looking. However, even brands like OtterBox, famed for making among the most rugged of all cases, now offer various color options. Furthermore, not everyone needs such a super-tough case.
Many options blend form and function to offer cases that are both highly robust and stylish to look at. For example, Swedish design house Woolnut makes various protective leather-clad, soft microfiber-lined smartphone cases. While not the toughest, they're durable enough for the most part while also being extremely handsome.
The most fashion-forward individuals can even pick up luxury smartphone cases from the likes of Balenciaga, Fendi, Givenchy, and Prada. Although not overly durable, they provide at least some added protection versus no case at all. That's especially true when coupled with an unobtrusive but tough screen protector made from a material like tempered glass.

Other Smartphone Case Options

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