OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8 Smartphones: Worth the Upgrade?

OnePlus loyalists might be wondering if they should buy the latest OnePlus 9 smartphone or opt for the previous OnePlus 8 model to save some money. Apple and Samsung fans have faced this conundrum at least once a year for more than a decade now, so it only makes sense that other top brands keep up with the competition.
OnePlus is a leading Chinese electronics brand with no trouble going back to the drawing board to develop more features, specifications, bells, and whistles to please eager followers. But do you need all the upgrades? Do they offer enough value to justify the additional costs associated with a hot-on-the-market smartphone? Do either or both versions offer a reasonable extended warranty plan to protect an important electronic device?
Take a few moments to learn about  the OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8 and what the best choice is for you.

The OnePlus Line of Smartphones

According to Tech Radar, OnePlus has arguably the most passionate fan base in the smartphone market. Even if they're still a step or two behind Apple in popularity, mobile aficionados love this brand, with followers forming long lines at stores on launch dates.
It helps that OnePlus has a robust online Reddit community with specific OnePlus forums. A Reddit presence means that customers, or potential customers, are searching for more information on these great devices. Some savvy smartphone shoppers are even considering stepping out of the Apple versus Samsung paradigm to try something new and, according to fans, fantastic.
Here is a breakdown of some basics on the OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 9 smartphones to help you decide, regardless of your mobile camp.

OnePlus 8

Hailed the definitive OnePlus smartphone in April 2020 by Digital Trends, the OnePlus 8 had, and still has, a lot to offer with stunning design and a long list of features.
Here are some things you should know about the OnePlus 8.


On the surface, the OnePlus 8 looks somewhat like the OnePlus 7T Pro. However, the closer you look, the more you will see the small alterations that make the OnePlus 8 stand out. The curved display distinguishes the OnePlus 8 from its predecessors and OnePlus 9.

Functionality, Features, and Performance

What most smartphone aficionados want to know is what's under the hood, so to speak. The features for the OnePlus 8 are terrific. They include:
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor
  • 128GB/512GB storage
  • 16MP front camera
  • 48MP rear camera
  • 4700Ah non-removable battery.


The price for the OnePlus 8 currently hovers around the $499 mark, making it a bargain in today's market.

OnePlus 9

Anytime a new electronic device is released, it is worth taking a look to see if it offers something groundbreaking and new, or if it's mostly a mix of sound and fury. Here are some essential details to learn about the new OnePlus 9.


The design between the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 is substantially different. The OnePlus 9 looks somewhat more modern than the OnePlus 8 with its sleek and rectangular design. Further, the rectangular camera module in the back, instead of the OnePlus 8's vertically aligned camera. Lastly, the curved design of the OnePlus gives it a more dated appearance.
Both phones are available in a range of colors, so they break even on that front.

Functionality, Features, and Performance

You might not notice much difference between the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 for everyday functions since OnePlus 9 has only moderately stepped up its processor game from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 to the Snapdragon 888. The operating system has changed from Android 10 to Android 11 for another mild enhancement.


OnePlus recently partnered with Hasselblad, a Swedish camera manufacturer, to enhance photographic capabilities for the OnePlus 9 series. So far, so good, since the OnePlus 9 offers notable improvements. However, you can still get plenty of great photos out of the OnePlus 8, while OnePlus and Hasselblad continue their work together for the series.


The OnePlus 9 currently rings up at a price between the range of $729-829, so it's a big price jump to consider.

OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8 Smartphones Have Plenty to Offer

Both OnePlus smartphones are high-end options with similar specs, features, and designs. The major difference is the price. By going with the OnePlus 8, you can save around $230-330 for a fairly similar phone. While the OnePlus 9 does tout some camera improvements, they don't justify an upgrade quite yet.
No matter which version you choose to buy, remember to invest in an Upsie subscription warranty to keep your investment secure. You’ll save money compared to big box stores and extended manufacturer warranty plans.

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