What is the Best OnePlus Smartwatch Insurance or Warranty?

OnePlus earned their reputation by developing quality phones at affordable prices. Today, the manufacturer has generated the same sort of attention for the new OnePlus smartwatch.
That’s particularly true after CNET said that the battery life, features, and price made the OnePlus smartwatch appear almost too good to be true. Find out if this $159 wearable offers both a low price and a good value.

Why Consider the New OnePlus Smartwatch?

OnePlus entered the smartwatch scene with a device that appears to offer high-end features at a very competitive price. For example:
  • It handles smartphone basics such as answering calls, sending alerts, playing music, and even serving as a remote for some other devices.
  • For advanced features, sensors can measure such vitals as pulse and oxygen level.
  • It can handle a lot of fitness tracking without a phone nearby.
  • This water-resistant watch also comes with built-in GPS.
In addition, OnePlus promised that their battery can run for at least a week or more between charges. For a modest price, OnePlus offers everything that people expect from more expensive smartphones.
The new watch also has a reasonably stylish design. Some reviewers compare its style favorably to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, which starts at about $250. The OnePlus doesn’t appear to offer band or style options, though some third-party manufacturers sell a variety of compatible bands.

Does the OnePlus Smartwatch Have Any Major Drawbacks?

The watch doesn’t have many of its own apps yet and doesn’t run with the Android operating system. Instead, it runs with an operating system called WearOS. At the same time, it’s compatible with many Android phones. It’s not currently compatible with iOS, though the manufacturer promises they will release that update in the future.
OnePlus buyers should ensure that the new smartwatch will work with their specific phone. As a note, even Samsung says that Galaxy watches aren’t compatible with all phones. It’s always prudent to make sure that a smartwatch works with a current phone before making a purchase.
The OnePlus offers all the basics, plus some advanced features. Users have to trade off limited style options for an astounding battery life and affordable price.

Why Buy OnePlus Smartwatch Insurance?

The water resistance and close resemblance of OnePlus watches to Samsung’s sporty watches suggests that people will buy these smartwatches to complement an active lifestyle. Once a new smartwatch owner starts to discover everything a wearable can do, they tend to want to take it everywhere.
Wearing the watch while exercising, working, and enjoying other activities increases the risk of damage and wear. Of course, that’s exactly what OnePlus and other manufacturers design these smartwatches for. It only makes sense to invest in a protection plan to keep the device working well.

What’s the Best Insurance for a OnePlus Smartwatch?

Anybody can understand why prudent people will consider buying a OnePlus smartwatch extended warranty from the best warranty company. For just a few cents a day:
  • Upsie provides protection against defects, accidents, early wear, connection issues, broken displays, and other common problems. Remember that OnePlus offers water-resistant but not waterproof smartwatches, and Upsie covers water damage.
  • Upsie customers can report claims 24-7 by calling live representatives, or they can also choose to file claims online.
  • Upsie gives their members the option to seek out local, certified repair services. Otherwise, Upsie will pay for two-day shipping (postage included) for mail-in repairs.
Over the years, OnePlus has truly earned its reputation for offering premium products at lower prices. Similarly, Upsie offers the lowest prices for high-quality services and coverage. Protecting your OnePlus device with Upsie seems to be a no-brainer. Besides OnePlus, Upsie also covers other smartwatch and smartphone brands, other kinds of electronics, and even many TV sets and appliances.

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