Top 3 Android Phone Charger Options Compared

Our Android smartphones are only as good as our ability to keep them charged. Even the most carefully made plans can quickly come unstuck if your smartphone runs out of power beforehand. Nowadays, almost every facet of our personal and professional lives hinges on our trusty Samsung, Google, or OnePlus handsets.
The same is true whether you’re at the office, at home, or walking your dog in the local park. Wherever you are, in fact, having a powerful, well-constructed phone charger on hand is always a bonus. With that, a portable charger that you can carry with you at all times should largely be seen as a must-have in today’s digital age.
But which to choose? We’ve whittled down dozens of options to find three of the best from a trio of popular brands. All rated 4.5/5 or higher based on hands-on experience, we’ll compare each of them in a little more detail before finally picking a favorite.

Best Android Phone Chargers: The Shortlist

All told, there’s a truly dizzying array of Android smartphone chargers on the market right now. Popular brand Anker alone has dozens of options to potentially choose between just in its own range. Add in extensive offerings from the likes of RAVPower and Spigen, and you could be looking at a hundred or more possibilities!
Thankfully, we’ve managed to pick the very best from each of these brands. These are:
  • Anker Nano
  • RAVPower Dual Port Compact Charger
  • Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro
Costing anywhere from under $17 to almost $60, all three of these Android chargers come highly recommended. To work out which is the best overall—or, indeed, which is the best for you as an individual—it’s necessary to look at the finer details.

Anker Nano

Priced at just $16.99, the Anker Nano is hard to beat when it comes to picking the best Android phone charger. Tiny, powerful, and affordable to boot, up to 20 watts of output is on offer over USB-C. Anker reckons that the Nano will charge almost any of today’s flagship Android smartphones to 50 percent in under 30 minutes.
It’s compatible with phones from most manufacturers, too. That cross-compatibility means it’s equally fantastic for helping friends with iPhones out of a bind should they ever need to borrow a charger. Furthermore, it even works with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging system up to the manufacturer’s maximum permitted 15 watts.
Nano by name and nano by nature, the tiny charger measures just 1.2 inches across at its widest point. In a rather novel move from Anker, buyers of the Nano can even choose between a range of colors. Black and white are, of course, to be expected. However, you can also opt for their Lavender Grey or Mint Green options, should you prefer.
Rating: 5/5

RAVPower Dual Port Compact Charger

Around 50 percent larger than Anker’s tough-to-beat Nano is the RAVPower Dual Port Compact Charger. Promising up to 30 watts of power over USB-C or USB-A, it’s a versatile option that should suit most Android smartphone owners. Offering even greater cross-compatibility than the colorful Nano from Anker via its two ports, it’s a little more expensive at $24.99.
What lets the RAVPower option down slightly, though, is that it can only charge a single device at a maximum output of 18 watts. Those come from its USB-C port, while another 12 watts is available over a classic USB-A connection. Still, it’s no slouch, especially at under $25, and the RAVPower Dual Port Compact Charger is especially handy if you’re likely to need to charge two different devices at the same time on a regular basis.
Rating: 4.8/5

Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro

The final Android phone charger is the Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro. Offering up to 40 watts of power, the PowerArc ArcStation Pro from Spigen is one of the few Android-compatible chargers that boasts two dedicated USB-C ports. Much like the almost identically sized RAVPower Dual Port Compact Charger, the Spigen only manages a combined 40 watts across the pair. However, with just one device plugged in, up to 30 watts is on offer from a single port.
Plug in another, and the 40-watt maximum is shared equally. Of course, that’s still 20 watts apiece – great for anyone with two devices to charge simultaneously and at significant speed. In fact, the Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro can, it claims, charge a pair of flagship Android smartphones to 50 percent capacity, at the same time, in as little as 30 minutes. Plug in just one, and you’ll be there even faster, according to the manufacturer.
This increased speed comes at a cost, though. It’s over 3.5 times more expensive than the Anker Nano! Prepare to spend $59.99 if it’s the PowerArc ArcStation Pro that takes your fancy.
Rating: 4.5/5

And the Winner Is…

Taking everything into account, Anker’s Nano is the top Android phone charger. As a package, its tiny proportions and powerful output make it the obvious choice for the widest range of applications. As an Anker product, it also benefits from the brand’s famously excellent build quality.
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