Why You Should NOT Get T Mobile Insurance for Your New Phone

If you’re planning on buying a new phone from T-Mobile, prepare for the sales pitch trying to convince you to purchase their insurance for new phones. T-Mobile insurance may sound good on the spot. After all, who doesn’t want extra protection for their brand new smartphone? Of course, the salesperson will make the price seem reasonable for all the coverage you’ll get.
But don’t be fooled. Because T-Mobile is your cell phone carrier, it doesn’t mean they have the best smartphone extended warranty for your needs. Here are three reasons you should look elsewhere for smartphone extended warranty plans.

1. Price of T Mobile Insurance

T-Mobile insurance <360> by Assurant uses a tier system to determine how much the monthly cost of coverage is. So they may say their insurance plan starts at only $7 a month. However, this price is for Tier 1. Most smartphones seem to be in Tier 4 or 5. Tier 4 is $16 a month, and Tier 5 is $18 a month.
An example of a Tier 4 phone is the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G belong to Tier 5. For a Tier 4 phone, you’ll be paying about $192 a year and $216 for a Tier 5 phone. For two years of protection, you’ll pay about $384 for a tier 4 phone and $432 for a tier 5 phone. These prices are not only confusing to figure out but more expensive than customer-friendly options such as Upsie.

2. Varying Deductibles of T Mobile Insurance

The Tier system also determines the deductible, but they also vary depending on what kind of damage the phone has. So while there is a $0 charge for mechanical defects, the accidental damage charge for Tier 4 and 5 phones is $99. If your phone gets lost or stolen, you’ll need to pay $149 for a Tier 4 phone or $249 for a Tier 5 phone. Some smartphones may be eligible for a $29 screen repair, but you only get two in an eligible period.
That’s a lot of numbers to remember, and you can’t really be sure how much your deductible will be or if you’ll be eligible for the $29 screen repair until you purchase your phone. In contrast, Upsie seeks to eliminate confusion around coverage and deductibles by offering a straightforward price and deductible. Upsie's Smartphone Subscription Warranty costs $9.99 per month, with a $0 screen repair deductible, $109 for other repairs, and $149 replacement deductible. That’s it—no hidden fees. Upsie makes all prices visible on the website, so you never have to dig through fine print again.

3. Claim Limits of T Mobile Insurance

Customers should also be aware of the T-Mobile insurance plan’s claim limits. Customers will only be able to make five claims in a rolling 12-month period that starts on the day of purchase for loss/theft and accidental damage. There are no limits for mechanical damage.

The Best Smartphone Extended Warranty

Many extended warranty plans retailers and phone carriers offer are overpriced and overly complicated. Upsie’s mission is to provide customers with straightforward, affordable, comprehensive smartphone warranty plans. That’s why Upsie’s coverage covers everything that T-Mobile insurance does for a much more affordable price.
For example, a Subscription Warranty for the iPhone Pro Max is $9.99, with a $0 cracked screen repair deductible. Upsie is also there for you anytime you need to make a claim. Customers can submit a claim 24/7/365 by filling out the online form or calling the call center. A real person will greet you on the other end of the line and help you submit your claim. After your claim is approved, you can choose to take your phone to a local certified repair technician or send it to a repair center with free 2-day round trip shipping.
Don’t pay for overpriced, confusing insurance for new phones. Instead, choose Upsie for the best smartphone extended warranty coverage.

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