Here’s Everything We Know About the Apple Watch Series 7

Right now, the Apple Watch Series 7 is merely a rumor. Of course, that hasn’t stopped fans of the brand from hypothesizing. As with any new Apple product, speculation is rife.
Convention would dictate that, if nothing else, the Series 7 moniker is all but guaranteed. Beyond that, much of what the Apple Watch Series 7 will bring to the table remains to be seen.
From a complete redesign to the implementation of breakthrough optical sensor technology, here’s everything we’ve heard so far about the currently unconfirmed Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Redesign

One of the most credible rumors about the next generation of Apple Watch is also among the biggest. A well-known Apple analyst believes that a complete redesign is on the horizon. Predicted to appear in 2021, this would most likely see the redesign come to light in the shape of the Apple Watch Series 7.
Leaked renders, supposedly from an important supply chain source, have backed up the expert’s claims. The images show flatter sides, largely reminiscent of those on the latest iPhone, iPad, and iMac models.
Other Apple experts have suggested that this flatter-looking design may not see the light of day until 2022. Whether this ultimately points toward a delayed Apple Watch Series 7 isn’t clear. It could also indicate a design language update not scheduled to appear until the generation after next.

Breakthrough Optical Sensor

The Apple Watch’s design has remained almost entirely unchanged since its launch in 2015. A complete overhaul would mark a significant point in the device’s history. With that, it’s fair to assume that a new look and feel would be just the tip of the iceberg.
In line with this train of thought, it’s believed that the Apple Watch Series 7 may bring breakthrough blood glucose monitoring technology to the smartwatch market. Rumors here suggest that an optical sensor will afford next-generation Apple Watch owners with tech that’s yet to be seen anywhere else.
Whether this comes in the shape of the brand’s next smartwatch, only time will tell. A patent previously filed by Apple specifically for blood glucose monitoring technology, though, certainly adds weight to this rumor in particular.

Release Date Rumors and Possible Delays

Much of the rest of what’s rumored for the next Apple Watch hinges on precisely when it’ll be released. As with talk of a redesign, various all-new features are understood to be in the pipeline. However, much like a flatter, new appearance, those in the know have further suggested that at least some of these won’t be ready for release until next year.
Again, this could mean an effectively delayed Apple Watch Series 7 launch, not scheduled until 2022. Alternatively, these features could simply be reserved for the Apple Watch Series 8. This reservation of functionality would potentially indicate a more modest refresh for the Apple Watch Series 7 at some point later this year.
Accordingly, we’ll have to wait and see. The scale of any planned unveiling centered around an updated Apple Watch will offer a reasonable indication of what’s coming. An event in the fall, as is tradition, should provide more answers.

Other Apple Watch Series 7 Rumors

As it stands, we could yet be looking at a 2022 release date for any sort of significantly upgraded Apple Watch. There’s every chance, of course, that a dramatic overhaul will come sooner. That, or simply a refreshed model to tide us over. One way or another, the list of Apple Watch Series 7 rumors continues to grow. These rumors include:
  • A strap-embedded battery
  • Touch ID fingerprint scanning
  • Improved swim tracking functionality
  • Similarly improved tracking for sleep
  • Brighter, more energy-efficient screens
  • Implementation of emerging micro-LED tech
  • New colors, including an unusual green shade
  • Solid-state buttons with haptic feedback
  • An invisible under-display camera
The most significant of these could still prove, in fact, to be Apple Watch Series 8 rumors. In that case, there’s no doubt about the fact that these would be slated for a 2022 release date at the very earliest.

Apple Watch Series 7 Pricing

Apple’s current smartwatch range varies wildly in terms of pricing. There’s the still-available $199 Apple Watch Series 3. Newer to the market and heavy on features but light on price, there’s also the $279 Watch SE. At the other end of the spectrum, there are Apple’s Hermes-branded Series 6 models costing up to $1,499.
The Apple Watch Series 7, however, is likely to mirror standard Series 6 pricing. This would see the subsequent model once again priced from around $399. However, the implementation of breakthrough optical sensor technology could push prices up somewhat.
In this case, a jump of anywhere between $50 and $150+ would sit in line with past price increases driven by the addition of new tech.

In the Meantime

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