OnePlus Smartwatch is Almost Here: Learn Some Key Details

Enthusiasm over the new OnePlus watch grows, especially since wearables have become increasingly useful over the past year in the health industry. Consumers are always searching for affordable and feature-rich alternatives in the underserved WearOS area. OnePlus hadn’t yet provided anyone with an official release date until March 12, confirming rumors that the OnePlus Smartwatch will arrive alongside the OnePlus 9 smartphone on March 23, 2021.
It’s always fun to see how new brands in a market plan to fill any gaps or make improvements on existing releases. Learn more about this new release from OnePlus, a new wearable to consider, and the best extended warranties for smartwatches from Upsie.

The OnePlus Smartwatch

When news of the OnePlus Smartwatch started trickling out in September 2020, there wasn’t much information to sink one’s teeth into. One exception is that the company was also making accessories that allowed for smartphone compatibility. This detail alone puts OnePlus on equal footing with Apple and Samsung on this point. OnePlus has added one more competitive choice in the smartwatch market.

This Isn’t the First Time OnePlus Flirted With the Smartwatch Concept

When smartwatches were in their early development phase in the early-to-mid 2010s, OnePlus briefly considered stepping into the arena with an offering. However, the company shelved the idea until rumblings started again in 2020. This time, Pete Lau, OnePlus’s CEO, confirmed that a OnePlus smartwatch was back in the pipeline and nearly ready for release.

The OnePlus Smartwatch Offers Two Variants Launching In India

With two model numbers, W501GB and W301GB, it reveals that the launch will take place in India since the model numbers align with Indian Standards. That’s also the electronics company’s biggest market, making it the natural launch choice. It’s also a test market for a range of OnePlus devices, frequently providing the company with early feedback.

You Might Look for a Round Screen and a Few Straps

Many smartwatches feature square face designs, but OnePlus wants to offer consumers something more classic and elegant with a circular face. One intriguing addition to the box includes two straps: one for your sporty side and another for dressing up to enjoy a night out.

What Else Do You Need to Know About the OnePlus Smartwatch?

One key feature of the OnePlus Watch is that it will run WearOS, making it compatible with Android and Google phones. The company’s CEO, Lau, confirmed that OnePlus was working with Google to enhance connectivity between the WearOS ecosystem, Android smartphones, and Android TV. It will ensure better interoperability between each and all ecosystems. Also, the OnePlus will likely use the Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset, allowing for better battery life and performance than most WearOS units.

Should You Protect Your OnePlus Smartwatch With an Extended Warranty or Other Insurance Plan?

One area where it is difficult to track OnePlus information is its warranty policies, especially extended warranties. But the simple fact is you should protect your OnePlus smartwatch with a high-value extended warranty from an electronics insurance company that understands the value of your technology.
Like so many electronics products, you will rely heavily on your watch screen, so you don’t want to risk breaking it to the point where you can’t see it without having a backup plan. AndroidAuthority anticipates that the OnePlus Watch will cost around $300, making it a substantial investment and one you might consider taking extra steps to protect.
If you doubt the importance of an extended warranty for your smartwatch, here are a few reasons to rethink your position:
  • Upsie’s extended warranty deductible is only $25 per claim. Without insurance, you might have to go through your day without your watch.
  • You’ll miss out on an easy claim process from companies like Upsie.

Let Upsie Help Keep Your New OnePlus Watch Safe

Any new technology costs are enough to warrant the consideration of buying an insurance plan for it. Smartwatches are no different, even if they are somewhat less expensive than smartphones. You work hard to buy something you might even consider a personal luxury, so don’t leave its operability to chance.

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