Should You Buy a OnePlus or Samsung Smartwatch?

Are you finally considering buying a smartwatch, but you don’t know where to start? Most smartphone brands are putting out multiple options, making it more challenging than ever to narrow down your choices.
Fortunately, OnePlus and Samsung, two of the top brands, are releasing their latest smartwatches, so you might start there to at least gather basic information before proceeding. Even better, you might find everything you want in one of these options.
The average cost of a smartwatch often runs between $199 and $299, so make sure to explore extended smartwatch warranty options to keep your wearable smart gadget safe. It’s much easier to choose a high-quality extended warranty through the high-caliber, low-cost offerings from Upsie than wade through all the smartwatch options. So we hope the following breakdown of a OnePlus or Samsung smartwatch will help.

OnePlus Smartwatch

With every new smartphone release, OnePlus moves up in the ranks among mobile phone brands. The smartphone love is spilling over into the smartwatch market, too. CNET refers to the OnePlus smartwatch as almost too good to be true, especially at $159. Brimming with features, a long battery life, and a sleek design, you might find it difficult to refute the claim.
Apparently, OnePlus has developed and included specialized accessories to make it easy for OnePlus smartphone owners to connect to their smartwatches. This compatibility goes a long way with smartwatch owners trying to track exercise, calories, calendars, and more via their watch-wear. The only other companies that have taken this step are—you might have already guessed—Apple and Samsung. That cements OnePlus as a three-way contender in the marketplace at this point, at least where smartwatches are concerned, but probably in other areas as well.
The OnePlus smartwatch looks great. It sports a sleek design that screams “high-end” and “high price tag,” but alas, at $159, this phone has so many positive points in this area.
Here are some practical features that might appeal to you:
  • Circular face
  • 110 workout modes
  • IP68 water and dust resistance
  • Receives calls and notifications during workouts

Samsung Smartwatch

You’ll find a broad range of Samsung smartwatches since the company has been involved with this particular market for several years now. Like many Samsung products, you’ll find top quality, but you might pay a higher price than the new OnePlus for similar features. Let’s take a closer look at Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3. It’s easy to start confusing the different models and versions in a sea of high-quality smartwatches, but let’s give it a try with this one.
The first thing most customers want to know about smartwatches is whether they work with various smartphones. The answer for the Galaxy Watch 3 is that it is compatible with Galaxy, Android and iPhones. Therefore you’re set to stay productive and connected without losing any records of your productivity or notifications.
According to Android Central, smartwatches often require some compromise in design, but that is not the case with the Galaxy Watch 3. You won’t have to deal with a sacrifice in specs and sensors and a cumbersome watch. Samsung managed to fit everything into a compact space, resulting in a compact unit that gets all the jobs done. Relying on the Tizen software instead of WearOS, Samsung could do things a bit differently, offering circular displays and rotating bezels, making it easier to navigate through the interface.
Overall, this smartwatch is a winner, but explore some specific features and specifications:
  • Classically beautiful watch design
  • Satisfying and functional rotating bezel design
  • Good battery life
  • Tizen offers a great interface and UX
  • Prices start at $399, so it might make a large dent in some budgets

Support Your Fitness and Work-Life All at Once With a Smartwatch Fit for You

Obviously, there is one looming factor that might help or hinder your decision: price. Both OnePlus and Samsung smartwatches offer similar features and functions that make a smartwatch invaluable to busy people trying to stay fit, active and connected while out and about.
If you need to maintain a tighter budget, the OnePlus will get the job done. If you love Samsung, have the budget and want a classically streamlined design, the Samsung smartwatch is a great choice.
Regardless of your smartwatch choice, protect your fitness and scheduling investment with an Upsie extended smartwatch protection plan. It will keep your watch running right along with you.
If you need more information on these smartwatches or plans that Upsie provides for them and other wearables, reach out to the Upsie customer service team to learn more.

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