The Google Pixel Smartwatch: Latest Leaks and News

Even though Google released its new Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones this year, the company disappointed some fans of the company who also expected to see the debut of the Google Pixel smartwatch.
As Google’s Pixel phones showcase the features of Android phones, people expected this new Pixel watch to push the boundaries of the WearOS operating system. Find out when to expect Google to unveil their latest device and what to expect when they do.

When to Expect the New Google Pixel Smartwatch

According to TechRadar, new reports from company insiders suggest that Google will unveil this new smartwatch in 2022 as the flagship in the company’s wearables line. However, some people expected to see the watch in 2021 because Google had already released significant updates to WatchOS, their wearable operating system.
Google teams have worked on this watch for years, and some people even expected to see it as early as 2019. Still, industry watchers feel confident about the reports of a 2022 release.
According to Google’s blog, the company acquired Fitbit early in 2021. This news makes people familiar with the matter more confident about Google’s commitment to the electronic wearable business. Still, they do not believe that Google will build upon Fitbit models for their premium watches, but instead, the company will design the new smartwatch series in-house.

What to Expect From the Google Pixel Smartwatch

Interestingly enough, Google appears to have turned to Samsung for more than inspiration to develop their latest wearable. For instance, leaks suggest that Google ordered processors from Samsung, plans to incorporate some features of Samsung’s Tizen OS wearable operating system, and may also use a similar processor to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4.
The watch may incorporate hand and arm gestures for commands based on speculation. For example, closing and opening a fist or rotating the wrist might give the watch nonverbal commands.
Google might have also found a way to allow the device to actively listen for Google Assistant voice commands without draining the battery.
Google also sent out a survey asking customers about features they would like to see. And many of these questions centered around health and fitness features.

How Much Will the New Pixel Watch Cost?

Similar to the exact specs or release date, nobody knows precisely how much the Google Pixel smartwatch will cost. However, most industry watchers assume that the company will price this new device like a premium smartwatch. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7 usually retail for $300 to $400.
On the other hand, Google always releases a mid-priced version of its Google Pixel phones. Google will probably also offer more than one version of the Pixel smartwatch to attract customers with different budgets. Even so, shoppers should expect a similar price for the premium version of the Pixel smartwatch to other flagship wearable manufacturers, like Samsung or Apple.

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