Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition Review

Kids love to play with their parents’ devices. But parents know that finding products for the youngest users is surprisingly difficult. While young people use iPads, Pixels, and other popular devices, manufacturers primarily sell and market to adults. However, this could soon change as multiple tech giants realize the value of catering to kids.
Amazon aims to capture an underserved portion of the consumer electronics market with the Kindle Paperwhite Kids edition. Ironically enough, this version of Amazon’s popular eReader is different from the normal edition in name and software only.
If the hardware is exactly the same, why bother with this version? Keep reading to find out why this edition of the Kindle Paperwhite is appealing to tech users of all ages.

Specifications of the Kindle Paperwhite Kids

The most notable aspect of the Kindle Paperwhite Kids edition is that it’s nearly the same piece of hardware as Amazon’s standard Paperwhite eReader. It has the same 6.8-inch screen, as well as 8 GB of built-in storage. For consumers who have never used a Kindle before, there’s a lot to love about this fantastic package. Thanks to its large screen and almost unlimited battery life, the Kindle Paperwhite has been one of the most well-reviewed and popular eReaders for some time now.
Consumers stand to benefit from the Kids edition sharing the same hardware as the standard Paperwhite. Parents who already own a Kindle Paperwhite will be able to set up the device easily. In addition, being familiar with the device before handing it over to children makes the process simpler.
Thrifty consumers benefit the most from these two models being so similar. With different versions going on sale at different times and at different prices, shoppers may pick up a Kids version for less than the price of the standard edition.

Why Buy the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition?

While users can certainly set a standard Kindle Paperwhite to Kids Mode within the settings menu, buying a dedicated Kids edition has its perks. First and foremost, a cover is included with the purchase, something that cannot be said for a standard version. Three different designs are available. These range from the more kid-friendly robot design to the more discreet emerald forest and plain black design.
A one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ is also included with the purchase of this model. This service offers thousands of eBooks as well as audio content from Audible. While a normal Amazon Kids+ subscription doesn’t exactly break the bank at $2.99/month, having it included is a nice touch.
Some consumers have decided that they’ll pay a little more upfront for the ad-free version of the Kindle Paperwhite. With the Kids edition, there’s no option available. It is not ad-supported, which is a big help for parents constantly under siege from invasive advertising targeting their children.

Price and Availability of Kindle Paperwhite Kids

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids edition retails for $159 — but as is the case with most Amazon products, it is almost always on sale. Amazon has engaged in this practice for years.
The sale price of the Kids edition is $119 — a bit less than the $129 price point of the standard, non-ad-supported Paperwhite. However, given the added value of a cover and the one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, the price is more than worth it.
One interesting issue to keep in mind is the standard Paperwhite’s availability. While the Kids edition is in stock on Amazon, the standard model can sometimes take weeks to ship from the retailer. The global chip shortage and the popularity of the device can both be blamed for this surprising supply constraint. Therefore, those in the market for the standard model would do well to opt for the Kids version.

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