Artists Take Note: Best Drawing Stylus for Your Art Tablet

Whether you are an art school student, working artist, or art hobbyist, a tablet and its stylus can be a great digital tool combination for your trade. If you own your dream tablet and need the perfect accompaniment to create your future masterpieces, the stylus is just what you need to develop and shape your work digitally.

How Artists Use Tablets to Create Amazing Art Works

Artists often find inspiration in unlikely places. They sometimes use restaurant napkins and scratch paper to scribble down the idea. Finding pen and paper in moments of inspiration can be challenging.
According to Gear Hungry, tablets have revolutionized digital art—far beyond the traditional desktop and laptop computers. Artists can easily make a quick draft of their idea, save it, then return to it, using it as the centerpiece for a project or building on it.
Digital capabilities made possible through tablets make art more transformative and malleable than ever before. Sure, some purists don’t want to put down the pencil and pad. But even the most passionate traditionalist isn’t likely to pass up an opportunity to commit an idea to digital memory.
If you haven’t used a tablet or any other digital technology for your artistic vision, you might find it irresistible once you do. With all the freedom of transport and expression a tablet provides, you might wonder what took you so long.
Lightweight and brimming with features that directly and indirectly support your artistic goals, you can leave the bulky notepads and collection of pencils at home. Of course, they’ll be there waiting for you when you return. But in the meantime, you’ll have developed a strong starting point for your next project.
While a tablet offers plenty of benefits, you’ll need some additional tools for enhancement. The most important tool of all for artists is the stylus that acts like your trusted pencil.

Have You Ever Tried to Do Art Projects on a Tablet without a Stylus?

To achieve the same motion and brushstroke abilities you have when drawing or painting by hand, you need a stylus for your tablet. A stylus provides the control you need to make precision markings on your tablet’s screen.

What Is a Stylus?

A stylus is a tool designed to emulate an actual pen or pencil you use daily to jot down notes. It provides the control you need when writing and drawing on a smartphone or tablet.

How Does a Stylus Work?

A stylus works by pressure or touch, and often a combination of both, notes Tablet Ninja, rather than by distributing ink or lead held in the barrel. There is no “substance” released besides the degree and direction of pressure you place upon it when working on the resistive touchscreen of a tablet or smartphone.

What Are the Top Reasons People Choose to Use a Tablet Stylus?

Many people besides artists use stylus pens to get more out of their tablets. Here are a few reasons tablet and stylus users cite:
  • Increase in typing speed and accuracy
  • Avoid spreading germs, even your own, by touching the tablet less and sanitizing the stylus
  • Handwriting notes for better memory retention of information
  • Tapping in the cold is much easier with a stylus in gloved hands than using bare hands on a cold screen

Are There Special Tablet Stylus Pens for Artists?

You might think there is a one-size-fits-all stylus out there, but that is far from reality. When you start searching for your artist’s key tool, first consider whether you have an Android or iOS-based tablet. You’ll find that each operating system and brand have stylus pens that work better with their products.
Search for a stylus designed to make it easier to draw and perform image edits, using your tablet and software applications to create and manipulate images while out and on the go. HP offers a list of some of the best stylus pens for artists, including capacitive, Wacom, and Bluetooth models.
Gear Royal recommends the Stylus Pen Touch Screen Pencil for multiple tablet brands and operating systems at the top of their list. Another favorite is the Joyroom iPad Pencil featuring a palm rejection glove.

Protect Your Tablet From Damage

Regardless of what brand or type of stylus pen you buy, you will love the freedom of creating and editing on your laptop with precision. However, because of their portability, tablets are prone to damage. To protect your tablet from accidental damage, screen cracks, and internal damage, pair it with an Upsie extended tablet warranty.
Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors. These comprehensive and intuitive warranties ensure that your tablet is safe from damage. Customers gain access to a network of certified repair technicians and can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
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