Wacom Intuous Pro Tablets Set the Graphic Design Standard

Wacom has been one of the leading manufacturers of graphics tablets for decades. Its reputation is especially strong among designers, illustrators, and other visual-medium artists. The Intuous lineup of tablets, in particular, has been relied upon by an entire generation of users.
The newest iteration of this fantastic tablet — the Intuous Pro — could be Wacom’s best product yet. Keep reading to learn why the Wacom Intuous Pro is so promising — and what to expect from all of its forms and functions.

Three Different Models and Prices

Consumers will be happy to hear that Wacom offers three different sizes of the Intuous Pro. This versatility allows users to scale their purchases to fit their unique needs. After all, not every creator will require a huge screen or be willing to pay a premium price.
  • Intuos Pro Large – At $499, this is the most expensive version of the Intuous Pro — but also the largest. The 12.1 by 8.1 inch drawing area offers more than enough real estate for every kind of artist.
  • Intuos Pro Medium – Most users will find that the medium-sized version of the Intuous Pro will suffice for many projects. It’s not as impressive as the larger version, but that won’t hold everyone back. The 8.7 by 5.8 inch drawing area comes with a $379 asking price.
  • Intuous Pro Small – A nifty little device with an affordable $249 price, the Intuous Pro Small is the perfect on-the-go graphics tablet. While the 6.3 by 3.9 inch screen may not be perfect for large-form design, it’s still great for photo and illustration purposes.
One great thing about the Intuous Pro lineup is that feature sets are locked in across all three models. Users will have just as much flexibility and function at their fingertips, regardless of the unit they choose.

Features and Functionality

A great graphics tablet should not only feature incredibly precise and accurate draw tracking. It should give the user a suite of tools and settings that help them boost productivity. The Wacom Intuous Pro does just that, thanks to the ExpressKey buttons on the tablet’s side. Multiple programmable keys allow users to customize their experience, giving them the utmost level of control.
A handy ring-style touch pad is also included on the Intuos Pro. This makes it possible to easily zoom in and out of photos or other projects. This helpful feature can also be used to navigate web pages.
Wacom’s innovative Pro Pen 2 stylus makes operating the Intuos Pro a breeze. With 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the stylus is always responsive and accurate. Thanks to the futuristic electromagnetic resonance tech packed into the Intuous Pro, the stylus never needs to be charged. Simply use the device and it will charge itself.
The lack of a battery in the Pro Pen 2 doesn’t mean that it feels flimsy. It’s sturdy to hold but also not so big and bulky that users will feel as if they’re using an old magic marker.
The Pro Pen 2 can be used as a mouse thanks to a few handy buttons. One serves as the right-click — and the other as the double-click.
One of the most unheralded yet coolest functions of the Pro Pen 2 actually involves the pen stand. This circular disc allows users to store their pens but also holds ten different pen nibs included with each Intuous Pro. These nibs are perfect for special projects — or if the user needs a little more friction or a broader point.

A Fantastic Graphics Tablet

The Intuous Pro lineup has already seen widespread adoption from veterans in the graphic design industry. It’s priced competitively enough that it should appeal to both casual photo and illustration enthusiasts.
Providing three different sizes and price points was a deft move from Wacom. The large version can be adopted by professional-level editors; the smaller version is a great gift for artistic and creative teenagers. The entire package offered by Wacom is one that should endure for quite some time, if the durability of past graphics tablets from Wacom is any indication.

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