The Best New iPad Pro Warranty Option for the 2021 Tablet

With a new iPad Pro going on sale at the end of April, you might find yourself wondering if it’s time for a new Apple tablet. Whether you are considering an upgrade to a previous model, or are buying your first iPad, you want to make sure you know how to keep it safe and running smoothly for its lifetime with you. One of the best ways to do so starts by seeking out the best extended iPad warranty option.

What Is the Latest iPad All About?

The news on the latest iPad was largely based on well-informed industry gossip until the event on April 20, 2021. At the event, Apple gave more information about the 2021 iPad Pro, among other items like AirTags and iMacs. Here are specs of the new iPad Pro versus the 2020 iPad Pro.


Specs iPad Pro (2021) iPad Pro (2020)
Size 12.9-inch and 11-inch 12.9-inch and 11-inch
Port USB 4 and Thunderbolt 3 compatible USB-C
Chip M1 12Z Bionic
Max Storage 2TB 1TB
Display Liquid Retina XDR (12.9-inch only) Liquid Retina
Cellular 5G 4G


Do You Need a Warranty for Your New iPad Pro?

Many people deny the need for a warranty for a variety of electronics and appliances, choosing to take their chances. Considering the price of Apple products and the many uses for iPad, are you sure you want to risk buying one without exploring warranty options? Electronics insurance companies like Upsie have your best interests in mind with affordable and comprehensive plans.

Is AppleCare+ The Right Choice?

Apple does offer an in-house electronics insurance program called AppleCare+. Often, Apple buyers use the AppleCare+ program as the default, without exploring other options. The truth is that just because you buy a high-quality Apple product doesn’t mean you have to buy their warranty for maximum coverage. Similar to the Genius Bar and how it provides in-person tech care and support, Apple tries to offer top warranty services through AppleCare+. The company does a good job with customer service, getting excellent feedback on customer experience.
The only problem with AppleCare+ is the high price tag. Customers already spend a great deal on high-caliber products they love, but do they want or need to spend a significant extra amount on an expensive warranty? Customers might choose to buy a less expensive alternative to AppleCare to afford an extended warranty that covers as much as possible. You might end up paying $129 for the iPad Pro or $69 for other iPads for two years of extended protection. During that time and for that price, you can only make two claims, paying a $49 deductible per claim.

Upsie Offers a New iPad Pro Warranty You’ll Love and Can Afford

With an Upsie extended warranty, you can have your iPad and use it too. You won’t need to make a drastic choice between buying a less expensive tablet, which in your mind might mean lesser quality, and taking your chances and not buying a warranty. Upsie offers warranties at price points you can afford and with service you can trust.
For instance, for an iPad Pro that costs $799, here are some numbers:
  • A 2-year warranty with accident protection costs $103.99 with a $25 deductible per claim
  • A 3-year warranty with accident protection costs $179.99 with a $25 deductible per claim
Even better, Upsie makes the claim process as easy and stress-free as it makes plans affordable. And you can choose to have your tablet repaired at your local Genius Bar, certified repair center, or mail it in for service with a prepaid shipping label.
Contact our Upsie customer service team to learn more about iPad warranties. An Upsie warranty will keep your tablet functioning without the worry of accidents or failures leaving you without your tablet.

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