Compare iPad Air 5 Versus iPad Pro for Value and Features

Apple just debuted the iPad Air 5 during their March event. The fifth-generation device still looks almost exactly like the iPad Air 4, but it includes features formerly only found on an iPad Pro. The similarity between these two Apple product lines might confuse some customers. Compare iPad Air 5 versus iPad Pro to determine which one offers the best value.

A Quick Comparison of iPad Air 5 Versus iPad Pro

At first glance, the iPad Air 5 and iPad Pro share many similarities. For instance:
  • Most striking, the iPad Air 4 comes with an M1 chip, formerly only found in this series on the iPad Pro. The upgraded processor should significantly enhance performance, especially for graphics applications, like photo editing.
  • Other similarities between the iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro include 12MP front and rear cameras, 5G support, and Liquid Retina screens.
  • According to Tom’s Guide, the iPad Air 5 has a 10.9-inch display, while the iPad Pro has an 11-inch screen. Thus, they’re almost the same size and weight.
  • Both devices support a keyboard and stylus so that they can function as small laptops as well as tablets.
The iPad Air 5 hasn’t made the rounds for testing yet, but judging by the Air 4, it probably won’t hold a charge quite as long as the Pro. The iPad Pro offers more storage options, somewhat better cameras, and a slightly brighter display. The Air 5’s refresh rates and download speeds will probably also come in second during a competition. Also, the iPad Air 5 still won’t support Face ID, which the iPad Pro offers.

Is the iPad Air 5 or iPad Pro a Better Choice?

The best choice between the iPad Air 5 and iPad Pro probably depends upon budget and preferences. According to Statista, Apple has held the lead for the number of tablet computers sold over the past decade. Few people will feel disappointed with either line of tablets. That’s particularly true now that the iPad Air also comes with a 5G option and Apple’s innovative M1 chipset.
Apple doesn’t allow storage upgrades after purchase, so it’s better to err on the side of more storage over less. The iPad Air 5’s lower price might let some people upgrade for more storage and connectivity options. On the other hand, the iPad Pro probably stands alone as the best tablet on the market and offers more storage options, so it’s always a good choice for those who can afford the premium price.

How to Choose the Best iPad Extended Warranty

Apple sponsors a robust trade-in program, so customers can save money by trading in their old iPads or choosing to buy high-quality refurbished devices. However, Apple does not offer the best warranties for their iPads. AppleCare+ is expensive and has restrictions, such as limiting the number of claims to two per year.
In contrast, Upsie offers comprehensive tablet warranties with unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. Best of all, customers save money when they choose Upsie. Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere, including AppleCare.
Upsie’s live claims representatives will answer the phone 24-7 to assist with filing claims and accessing repair services. In addition, customers can select between local or mail-in repairs, including Apple’s Genius Bar. Besides new iPads, Upsie will also cover refurbished devices. The company will even let its customers transfer ownership of existing warranties to new owners.
Upsie offers the best tablet warranties for the Apple iPad. In addition to iPads, Upsie covers other Apple electronics and other brands.

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