How to Protect and Secure Your Android Tablet

Congratulations on your new Android tablet purchase! It’s likely that you spent anywhere from $150-$750, so it’s important that you protect your beautiful, new investment. We outlined the best ways for you to protect your android tablet.

How Do I Protect My Tablet?

The most obvious way to protect a tablet is with a case. There are multiple cases that you can buy: hard cases, sleeves and tri-fold cases. You can also get a glass screen protector that will protect from scratches and cracks. They do not protect from spills and water damage, though.
Your best bet for protecting your tablet is to get an extended warranty. A warranty from Upsie doesn’t cost much more than a high-quality protective case. It does offer a significantly higher level of protection against accidents and water damage, though.

Do I Need Extended Warranty Protection for My Tablet?

Yes, if you want your tablet to last for years, getting an extended warranty is recommended. Upsie tablet extended warranties offer comprehensive coverage for a low price. They protect from:
  • Cracked screens
  • Spills and other liquid damage
  • Battery failure
  • Power failure
  • Touch-screen failure
  • Camera failure
  • Headphone jack failure
  • Wifi failure
  • Bluetooth failure

Does My Android Tablet Need Virus Protection?

It is a good idea to install virus protection on your Android tablet. Malware attacks are easier to pose on Android devices versus MacOS and iOS. Luckily, there are multiple apps and virus protection providers that you can pick from. They are typically easy to install and stay updated over the duration of your tablet’s life.

How Can I Protect My Tablet from Cracked Screens and Liquid Damage?

A protective case will help keep your tablet safe from drops and banging around in your bag. Some hard cases claim to be waterproof, but they are often so bulky that they interfere with the usability of the touch screen. It is always a great idea to get a protective sleeve for when you are traveling to and from work, school or going on a trip so you have protection from scratches, drops and spills. Lastly, a screen protector for a tablet works the same ways as a screen protector for a phone; you will have protection from scratches and drops, but not from spills. For complete peace of mind, get a warranty.

Will a Protective Case or Screen Protector Help?

Tablet screen protectors and protective cases will help protect your Android tablet. However, they will only keep your tablet safe from accidental damage like drops and spills. If your tablet has a battery or touch-screen failure, a protective case will do nothing to help that, which is why a warranty is your best bet for protection.

How Long Do I Have to Purchase an Extended Warranty?

With Upsie, you have up to 60 days after purchasing your tablet to get a warranty. The purchase process is easy: head to the Upsie website, select your tablet brand, price paid before taxes and if you want two or three years of coverage. After your purchase, activate your coverage by uploading a picture or copy of your tablet receipt into your Upsie account and entering some basic device information. The reason you do this is so the insurance company already has the device information they need when you have to make a claim. You will never have to search for receipts or look up device information again!

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