The Best Element TV Extended Warranty Option

Families considering an Element TV often do so because it is a quality television at a reasonable price. That makes it the perfect choice for just about anyone’s budget. If you consider buying an Element model, you can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience with many of the same features of better-known brands while saving money.
A 19-inch Element television comes with a price tag starting at around $180 with options in LEDs, LCDs and Smart TVs, making this brand highly competitive and exciting for families keeping a close eye on finances.
However, you don’t want to scrimp when it comes to protecting your television, no matter how good the purchase price. You want to ensure that your purchase gives you years of solid entertainment. An Upsie extended TV warranty is one way that many satisfied customers do that with a wide variety of electronics products.

Why Is Researching the Best Warranty Option So Important When Buying a New Television?

Over the past few decades, televisions have changed and improved exponentially over those made in the 20th century. The prices have risen along with all the exciting bells and whistles. The fact is all those features and special specifications add to the cost. Even more budget-friendly televisions like Element can experience problems that need expert servicing. Sometimes, depending on the issue and without a quality television warranty, the repairs can quickly add up parts and labor.
Anything can happen to televisions that warrant repairs, including:
  • Poor pixelation or dead pixels
  • Manufacturing defects that don’t become known until the limited manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Screen burn-in or other discoloration for various screens, including LCD, QLED, OLED and Plasma TVs
  • Mechanical, power and screen failure
Regardless of the type of problem, TV repairs vary in price, depending on several factors, such as the technician or shop chosen, the duration and extent of labor and the cost and availability of parts. If you are paying for these repairs out-of-pocket, you will find that it all adds up quickly. With a high-quality TV warranty, you can rest easy and enjoy your programming, knowing everything is covered.

What Does the Element Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover?

Element offers a traditional one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, but it comes with many of the standard red tape and exclusions associated with limited warranties. For instance, Element won’t cover anything related to wear and tear. They only cover issues related to manufacturing and production.

Does Element Offer an Extended TV Warranty Plan for Customers?

Element does not offer an extended warranty because they do not sell directly to consumers. The retailers that sell their TV’s do offer warranties, but they cost more and are less reliable than Upsie Element TV warranties. If you have questions about the Element limited manufacturer warranty, their customer support can be reached here.

Upsie Is the Best Extended Warranty Option for Your Element TV

If you shop around, you will soon find that Upsie offers warranty prices that fit your budget and repair and replacement options that allow you to relax and enjoy your family television time. You don’t have to wonder what might happen if your screen goes black or if the power button suddenly stops working.

What Are Upsie’s Warranty Prices?

The top question on your mind might be how much Upsie charges for its warranties. Here is a breakdown of pricing for a TV costing under $200, but feel free to check the Element page on Upsie to learn about higher-end models:
  • 2-year warranty for $20.99 with no deductible
  • 3-year warranty for $33.99 with no deductible
  • 5-year warranty for $70.99 with no deductible
Compare these numbers to Target for a 3-year warranty, and you will find that the chain department store charges $49.99, which is higher than Upsie’s price.

What Does Upsie Cover?

Upsie covers the biggest concerns for most television buyers, including issues involving burn-in, power failures, poor pixelation and much more.

The Upsie Warranty Makes the Repair Process Friendly, Quick and Simple

Unlike reports regarding the Element warranty process, Upsie makes it easy for you to repair your television in a reasonable amount of time. Simply call the customer service team to start the claim submission service, and they will send a technician to you for on-site repairs as soon as possible.

Learn More About Upsie Extended Warranty Options for Your Element TV

If you need more information about Upsie’s wide range of warranty plans for your Element TV, all you need to do is contact the customer service team!

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