What are the Best TV Brands on the Market Today?

Is there one best TV brand on the market today? Naturally, the correct answer will depend upon a TV shopper’s budget and preferences. While one TV brand might emerge as the overall winner, other brands may meet specific requirements better.

The Best TV Brands on the Market

To compare, let’s look at the best TV brands available in today’s competitive TV marketplace.

Samsung: The Generally Best Overall TV Brand

TechRadar named Samsung as its choice for the best overall TV brand. Of course, Samsung earned plenty of name recognition as the global market leader in TV sales. But the brand produces other incredibly popular consumer electronics, like Galaxy smartphones.
Samsung offers TV sets in the mid- to top-tiers for people with various TV budgets and requirements. At the top, they make QLED TVs with 8K resolution. They also make 4K LED displays for mid-priced TV sets. Right now, Samsung does not produce OLED TVs.

LG: The OLED TV Market Leader

While TechRadar chose Samsung as the top overall choice, they believed that LG might be the best brand to turn to for OLED TVs. Unlike Samsung, LG no longer makes smartphones. But they do produce great OLED TVs. The displays offer vivid, bright colors, deep blacks, and sharp contrast. For OLED TVs, LG provides more choices than any other brand, so there’s a good chance that one of their models will please consumers who want this type of display.

Sony: The Best Brand for Audiophiles

Even top-tier TVs generally don’t match the quality of their video displays with their audio speakers. Typical TV sound quality encourages many people to buy speakers and soundbars to enhance their experience. Sony offers a proprietary solution called Acoustic Surface Audio+ for its high-end models, which places drivers through the TV panel instead of elsewhere on the case.

Hisense: Premium Features on a Budget

Hisense makes such technologies as 4K and HDR more accessible for people who cannot afford to budget for a premium TV. Many of these sets don’t offer the processing power of their high-end competition, so they won’t deliver quite as smooth of an experience. Still, they provide good value for the price. The products should mostly satisfy people in the market for decent LCD TVs, but TechRadar found some excellent qualities in the Hisense A9G, an affordable OLED set.

TCL: A Popular Budget TV Brand

TCL captured about 10 percent of the worldwide market for TVs with its affordable line of competent models. In fact, TechRadar reviewed the TCL Series 5 and Series 6 models as the best budget sets available. This company claims the current distinction of selling the cheapest 8K TV during 2021, the 6 Series.

The Best TV Warranties on the Market

Today’s TVs can broadcast various content from networks, streaming services, and apps. They can even connect to other devices and innovative home services to deliver even more features. Because of their versatility, households find themselves relying upon their TV sets even more than they did in the past.
TV shoppers should consider various brands and models based upon performance, features, and price. By investing in the best TV they can afford, consumers will be satisfied with their choice for years in the future.
An extended TV warranty from Upsie will help you make confident shopping decisions. Upsie protection plans ensure at-home service and protection against unexpected repair costs. In addition, Upsie sells directly to consumers through their website. This means that they can pass on lower operating costs to their customers and charge as much as 70 percent less than in-store plans. Saving money on a good warranty might mean that you can spend a little more on your new TV, too.

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